Sunday, April 29, 2012

Great Idea

So I "Googled" 30 day photo Challenge. I then clicked "images"... I stumbled across a cute little blog with a grand list. (PINK ARGYLE) But what the heck is "Bokeh"? ANSWER: the blur, or the aesthetic quality of the blur, in out-of-focus areas of an image.

This is my List:)

She was missing number 21... So I just made the last one. I am not sure if I have to do it in order or not. As long as I check them all off- I think it is all good. I am trying to start taking more photos and blogging more. We only live once.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Who Knew?

I am totally loving this stove top. It is super cool and I haven't seen many of them before. The double ovens on the side and then a stove top that is flushed to the counter. I think I am going to have to get this! I have to GOOGLE it and see if I can find any up-close shots.

My realtor has asked me an important question: What kind of grass do you want? Green is not an answer:) Bermuda or St. Augustine? I have to think about things that I never thought about before. Then I have to give a breakdown to Gustavo. I always have homework:) Together we make decisions that are right for us.
Building a house is really hard work.
We are slowly knocking out options and questions... poco a poco
I still do not know which grass we are going to pick:)

Words With Friends!

Some time last year or before my cousin told me to download, "Words with Friends"
Since I have been out of America so long and in places that didn't allow cell phones... I was a bit slow on the technology of Cell Phones.
I met a really sweet woman whilst playing WWF. She usually always kicks my butt! But today- I got more points for one word than ever before. 114 points! See below:
I may not do the SOCIAL scene but I am on my NERD stuff! I just had to share this with the World! Enjoy:)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Do Blondes Have more Fun?

Gustavo's Blonde
My natural hair color is light brown but people always call me blonde. One day I decided to take it to the EXTREME and dye it SUPER blonde! ---I will show you blond!!!

I look like I should be on 'TWILIGHT'

Do blondes have more fun? No- They don't! The reason why people think that is because... When you are blond- You catch a lot of attention. Once you get that attention... You are used to it. I am sure that I am right about this. Also- You keep nicknames... Goldie, Goldie Locks, Blondie, Bombshell;)

My BLOND moment did not last long at all. I have already changed my hair to a darker shade. Being blond is a LOT of work! Darn those roots! Makes your hair look DIRTY/greasy all the time! Also- Being in an Arab country with blond hair... Not the best idea, as I try to keep a low profile while I am out and about. This is what I have now... Still Blonde but more 'GOLDEN'

 I will be calling my salon today when I get off of work and I am going to try something new... LOW LIGHTS!!! I will let you know how that looks. ---If she EVER answers the phone! It has been 4 days now and still... No Show! I am scared of getting a new hair dresser! :( I may try the salon that some of my co-workers go to! --Name to come later. Let me see if they are good first!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mimi's Room

In our current Flat, Gustavo decorated Mimi's Room and I decorated DJ's... (I will take post pictures later) So we only find it fair to switch it up and in the new house I will decorate Mim's room and Gustavo will decorate DJ's room. So I am thinking about doing a whole Black, White and Powder Pink theme. Kinda vintage and Paris like. I have found these rooms and like the style of them. I would change a couple of things up though. I figured her and I could do a couple of projects since she is so crafty in her young age. Give her some paper, scissors, glitter and glue... She is good to go. Perhaps I could put a bit of a Rock Star spin on it. What do you think? Cute, No?

Building a House

After working overseas a while and traveling a lot... There comes a time when one starts to think about planting roots somewhere. To have a home. A place to live and grow as a family. This is the point that we are currently at. After doing a lot of research on areas, we have decided where we are going to move. I was looking in Florida but then a co-worker of mine had me pull up a builder. I completely fell in love with the style. Gustavo's style is a lot like mine, he is just cheaper (You know it is true) It sounds fine and dandy to say, "We are going to build" But the truth is- It is a very difficult prject. More so because I am very detail oriented. Things that I never paid much mind to before are now becoming my main focus. For example: The other day we went out with some friends to eat. I noticed the different colors of wood, tiles, lighting and even the walls in the bathroom. Something so simple becomes so complicated. The vision is in my head- I just do not know how to get them all out. Being super creative is hard because you never know if you are conveying your ideas properly.


Plans are in progress for a Mini-vacation to Dubai. Gustavo, DJ, Mimi, Kiki and I are leaving on the 1st of May. I am super excited. Everytime we go to Dubai there is something new and exciting. We are going to be staying at the Atlantis the Palm Resort.
I have had some troubles booking but I think that we are past that and I am ready for a great vacation! Everyone who knows me... Knows that I am a GREAT Planner. Our Sri Lankan vacation didn't go as planned but I am hoping that this one will! Gustavo and I have made Bucket Lists. Little by little we will knock destinations off. One great thing about the kids being on a visitor visa is that we are required to leave the country every 90 days. Pictures will be posted! Stay tuned

Sri Lanka

So- After a long 2 MONTHS of heavy hitting WORK... Vacation is here!!! YAY! We wanted to go somewhere that would be WARM. Believe it or not, it gets cold in KUWAIT.

Off to Sri Lanka! The flight was not too bad. A 1 hour cleaning stop in Dubai and then straight to Sri Lanka. I know I sound bad, but I HATE multiple connection flights!!!

I would like to note that I had NO IDEA how huge the island of Sri Lanka was... IT IS HUGE! It takes 3-4 hours to get from city to city. There is only one major highway which goes between Colombo and Galle. A major mover in Sri Lanka.. The Toot-Toots! See below:

This was probably the best way to get around. 

Day 1: Hilton Residence-Colombo: I loved the breakfast buffet! I was not told that construction was going on so imagine my response to the loud hammering. The staff was not great and we decided to check out 6 nights early. The Strawberry margaritas were the best I had in Sri Lanka though.
 The Living Room
 The view off the balcony from the Living Room
 The Kitchen
This was the Master Bedroom. There were two smaller rooms as well. It was so cute to see the kids un-pack and hang up their clothes!
Inside a temple in Colombo
It was so beautiful there
These were HUGE
There is a baby elephant behind us
Gustavo in front of OLD books
Peacock seat
This was interesting
I wasn't fast enough to get her with her foot up. She did that all on her own
So many Gods
Stuffed Elephant
Showing some love
More cool stuff
The lil guys around the edge are full of character
Jewel Shop
She got earrings made
Ronald was in Sri Lanka too
Everyone knows I love Chicken and Rice!!!
Day 2: We get into a car at 1000 AM and head to Galle. (DJ Maye deleted all the photos from this stop)
An old woman tried hitting on Gustavo. It was really cute. Everyone thought that he was from Sri Lanka! One thing great about Gustavo... It doesn't matter where we are... He blends in. Back in the car for 3 more hours... We finally arrived to our hotel, Tangalle Bay. It was beautiful. The staff was great. I got the best massage in my life!!! The hotel was outdated but we loved it there. The beach was fabulous!
 Somewhere in between Galle and Tangalle
 View from our room
 View from where we were eating
 DJ Maye and his cute self
 The kids on the beach. It was a hike to get down there, but worth it! My babies in the Indian Ocean!
 The view from the pool area
At the pool!. At times during this vacation... I felt like a pool tester. The kids loved it

***Cool Note- The drivers get to stay and eat at your hotel... For no additional cost. I am not sure where they sleep or what they eat... I just know they do***

Day 3: Yala Area- Mandara  Rosen Hotel:
 Ready to go up this huge hill to a temple
 On top. Siblings that love each other:)
In the temple. You give money and the man in there puts ashes on your forehead with his thumb
 At the hotel
 I love these people!
 We were unable to use the pool. We were too busy
 Going to grub
 We paid 1/2 board and ate off the regular menu for lunch and Buffet for Dinner.
 Walking to the room
Awaiting our FOOD
 On the way to the Yala Park
 Safari Time
 Beautiful Rock
 What a shock... Another Beach:)
 Our family. On the way out some women were going crazy for Mimi and touching her face as if they thought her beauty would rub off on them. She looked a lil crazy at first but then soaked it all up.
An elephant on the way out of the park.
To get into the Yala National Park, You must be in a Safari Jeep. They are easy to find. Well, Our cab driver took us to someone's house and then we loaded the Jeep. It was quite a long ride to get to the beginning of the park. There were Boars, Lizards, Peacocks, Crocs, A LOT of birds... then after a long wait- We get to see the Leopards. There were two of them up in a tree. You can really only see the out line. We actually got to see a family of elephants and the beach. There were small pieces of the observatory left from the tsunami. On the way out our jeep lost a tired! Scary! So we had to jump in with another group of people. They were nice to us. A couple from Russia:) Thanks!

Day 4: Kandy- Mahawli Reach Hotel:
Basically we ate and slept there... And let the kids swim. The food was good here. There was a pasta bar and Mongolian BBQ. It took us such a long time to get there though. We stopped in Nur Eliya to eat. We went horseback riding. It was fun. Driving down the mountains- Not so much. There are SEVERAL tea factories on this road. Kinda cool to see.

                                                                             Do you see this?

In the Middle of the road! I fed it cookies.
It is corn... On the road.
Looks so beautiful
I loved this photo
Family. That is what it is all about
They can catch! Good job
 Snatched the Cookie from Mims. She laughed.
 Gustavo riding a horse
 Don't feed the Monkeys:) Oppps

Day 5: Colombo Galle Face Hotel:
This hotel was nice for the most part. They brag about how Scarlett Johansson once stayed there. Great:) So it is about 30-45 minutes to the airport from Colombo... I wish I had known that.
 Knocked out! On the way to Colombo
 Pretty statue in the park
 Crazy man and snake, that snake was BIG too
 Our FINAL hotel
 On the way to the pool
 Come to find out... It is a SALT water pool
 Nice view
 The kids posing 
 In the lobby at check in counter
 Going to our room- We didn't use the elevator
 Amber and Gustavo after the swim
So- The man asked would I like water. I said, "Yes" I guess he didn't want to be wrong so he brought me room temp and cold. I drank neither. I refuse to drink TAP water in foreign countries. Gustavo thought that I was rude to the waiter... so I left him such a big tip that he thought that I over-paid the bill. He came after us and was very happy when I told him it was in fact... HIS TIP. Then I looked at Gustavo and smirked. Ha Ha.
Over all- Nice trip. I wish we could have done more, but I charge that to the AWFUL driver. There is a lot of nothing but also a lot of something there. The people were friendly for the most part. It was strange at times because the stares are over-whelming. The money stretches a long way there.