Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Building a House

After working overseas a while and traveling a lot... There comes a time when one starts to think about planting roots somewhere. To have a home. A place to live and grow as a family. This is the point that we are currently at. After doing a lot of research on areas, we have decided where we are going to move. I was looking in Florida but then a co-worker of mine had me pull up a builder. http://www.valeirvinhomes.com/ I completely fell in love with the style. Gustavo's style is a lot like mine, he is just cheaper (You know it is true) It sounds fine and dandy to say, "We are going to build" But the truth is- It is a very difficult prject. More so because I am very detail oriented. Things that I never paid much mind to before are now becoming my main focus. For example: The other day we went out with some friends to eat. I noticed the different colors of wood, tiles, lighting and even the walls in the bathroom. Something so simple becomes so complicated. The vision is in my head- I just do not know how to get them all out. Being super creative is hard because you never know if you are conveying your ideas properly.