Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mimi's Room

In our current Flat, Gustavo decorated Mimi's Room and I decorated DJ's... (I will take post pictures later) So we only find it fair to switch it up and in the new house I will decorate Mim's room and Gustavo will decorate DJ's room. So I am thinking about doing a whole Black, White and Powder Pink theme. Kinda vintage and Paris like. I have found these rooms and like the style of them. I would change a couple of things up though. I figured her and I could do a couple of projects since she is so crafty in her young age. Give her some paper, scissors, glitter and glue... She is good to go. Perhaps I could put a bit of a Rock Star spin on it. What do you think? Cute, No?


  1. Love love love your ideas for her room!

  2. Me Too! I was thinking about making lil projects to do with her. Let getting some plywood and stenciling out cool designs and putting them on the wall. I know her room will be great.