Thursday, April 26, 2012

Words With Friends!

Some time last year or before my cousin told me to download, "Words with Friends"
Since I have been out of America so long and in places that didn't allow cell phones... I was a bit slow on the technology of Cell Phones.
I met a really sweet woman whilst playing WWF. She usually always kicks my butt! But today- I got more points for one word than ever before. 114 points! See below:
I may not do the SOCIAL scene but I am on my NERD stuff! I just had to share this with the World! Enjoy:)


  1. Good Job on the 114 pts!!! smh at last still love you even tho you defy everything "IN"...lolxoxo

    1. Start a game with me! I do not DEFY it... I just do not let it "DEFYNE" (Define) me. LOL. ILY-A-Milli