Saturday, June 9, 2012

ColdStone Creamery

We went to Cold Stone Creamery as dessert!

Above is DJ's creation! Strawberry ice cream, Gummy Bears and Marshmellows!

Above Mims makes her decsions! Cookies'N'Cream Ice Cream, Sprinkles and Reese's PB Cup!

We will take this one!
Vanilla Ice cream and Brownies
Mix it well! (Our's was chocolate devotion)
Gustavo wanted Carmel drizzle and White Chocolate Chips!
Kids look happy!

Daddy and Mommy's treat!

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  1. OH YEA....This is definitely my kind of place right here! Kids look just too happy! I wish I could have a spoonful! I know Dj would share a lil with me! :) XOXOX...