Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 22: Black and White

I took some of my favorite pictures of myself and played with em a bit to make them B&W. Plus- I took a couple of my cousins B&W pics that were on my computer. I do not have the Mac so I do not have many pictures here... But I did with what I have. Generally I will attach all the photos to a draft entry and then complete my entry at a later time. But when the internet is not working at home- It is more difficult. Bear with me people!

This was me after a flight! Last year:)
This was me when I was in Kuwait before. Back in 2005:) I think I look the same!

This was a picture that Tina sent to me of my water babygirl!
Here is my water babyboy too! They are great swimmers now! I got to find them a pool SOON!
Here is me and Mi Suave. We do not take as many photos as we should. Him and the kids are my favorite photo subjects:) It is hard to get in front of the camera when you are always behind it:)

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