Saturday, June 9, 2012

Noodle Factory

Ms. Drama for your Mama Mimi Maye!
The Noodle Factory (The Avenues Mall)
The Menu

The Plate and the outline mat is cute!

Mim's Tea... And a mint Leaf!

This is how you can turn ANY pair of chop sticks into a pair that your kids can use! They really thought they were doing something! LOL
All in all I will say that the Noodle Factory is ok. No free re-fills:( And they messed up my order. But every where I go my order is messed up! They did replace my food quickly though! I was super hungry! Gustavo is getting better about trying new foods! I like that he is willing. I really think the only reason that he does it is because the kids are there watching! LOL He said he would eat there again so I am sure that he liked it! If they are happy, so am I!

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  1. MMMMmmmm....looks like my kind of place! :) Very cool!