Friday, June 29, 2012

Princess Domiyana Cake!

Today I decided to make a Princess Cake for Princess Domiyana. She has been being a very good girl and I decided to make her Daddy's favorite cake… But with a Princess Twist!
Okay- You have to make the Oreo Cream for the middle!
First- Philly Cream Cheese. (I used the whipped one!)
 Strawberry Cream Oreos (12 ea)

Mix the Philly Cheese and Oreos into the Whip.
 Dj, Mimi and Mary 
 This is for the cake. I split the better into both of these.
 This helped thicken my whip
 This time in English!
 This is the cake and frosting
(Yes, We have 'Betty Crocker' in Kuwait)
 Mix it alllllll up
 DJ prepping the cake mix
 Licking the spoons! Their favorite part (The Oreo Cream)
 Mix Mix Mix
 My lil helping Princess… Washing dishes
 Add a couple drops of red food color
 I think this is how Mimsi learned what colors mixed together made what...
 Mix Mimi Mix
 The kids like to see the different little swirls
 Maybe I can make a marble looking cake this way...

 Xena felt left out. She was scratching on the kitchen door. LOL
(She has Cherry eye, yes, it is normal in her breed… No, It doesn't bother her and lastly, yes, We are getting it fixed when the vet returns.)
 Up close! Cute pink huh?
 Never go wrong… Put it on 180 (C)
 Since the cake is so thin, I check in 15 minutes… Then watch it like a hawk. 
(Generally it takes it 5-10 minutes more)
 Put the Oreo cream in the middle

 I made her Pink frosting too:)
 I always take off my ring when I cook… So far this has been the best place I have found to hold it.
(Banana hanger)
 After I frosted it
 I put the remaining cream on top and then added cookies since the Princess told me that flowers have 8 petals… She got 8 petals!
 This is a side shot
 Close up!
The End!

There is a story to this little spice rack… I paid 7 K.D. which is CRAZY… But I filled it with spices that I bought at Lulu's. They come in these baggies… I think that my counter space looks much better. Gustavo would be so proud to see this:) He thinks that I am an "OUT of the BOX" cook… Truth is, He cooked all the time so I just didn't cook… Doesn't mean that I can't.  
And guess what I FINALLY did after a whole year here…??? I bought salt and pepper shakers:)

Movie Night Movie: Underworld: Awakening. Mim's Pick
It is hard to keep track of who's turn it is to pick.

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