Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Friday Fun...

 Here are the kids and the Nanny! The Nanny is in YELLOW! LOL. We went to Fahaheel but nothing was open... You must wait until 8-8:30 PM.

 I stopped by to check on Kiki the other day... I have a secret way to make her smile for the camera!!! See- It works!
 She was loving this toy. Shira from Ice Age 4. We went to McDonalds... She just kept talking about this "kitty"
 She is looking at me like that because she loves me:)
This was Kiki reading to Minnie! 

And this is us snuggled in and ready for our movie night...
It took us 3 tries to find a movie that actually worked.
Star Wars: Clone Wars....
I love having Kiki over because when the big kids are off and doing their own thing... I have her:) I think that I will steal her every Friday from now on!


  1. Aww the nanny is just their size. ;) Our lil man is not so lil these days. I'm sure he is darn near my size now. ;) I miss them oh so mucho. You and ur kid stealing self looks too comfy with Kiki. ;) jayla got a lil jelly but she says she still loves u. Lol. Give my babies loves from me. Next time tell ms Mimsi to strike a pose she used to kill it when I asked them to do that. Lol. Miss playing around with them all.

  2. You can send Jayla over anytime! You know Disaiya won't come though! LOL. Be glad that passports are needed... Else I would have already taken her!!!