Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hello Kitty

We went to the Hello Kitty store while in Bahrain and Mim's got an APRON....

My baby when she just woke up!:) She is such a cute helper!

What kind of Mama would I be if I didn't even ATTEMPT to make the Hello Kitty Cake???...  I FAILED!

My Hello Kitty looked like it had a stroke on the LEFT side... I think I cleaned it up okay though. DJ and Mimsi were happy so I guess that is all that mattered in the end!



  1. Miss Mimi looks sleepy! So cute! Your cake looks good after your fixed it! Didn't know you had a med degree and could fix stroke victims. LOL I want to take a cake decorating class. I enjoy doing it, but I'm not very good. :/ Oh well! Love ya'll and hope your doing well.

  2. Cute Kid

    and sweets

    i was Googling Hello Kitty Kuwait to see if the cafe opened and your page was in the list so i opened it XD

    Also check out my Blog tell me what you think ;3