Sunday, August 26, 2012

Twin Amber and Ron

Amber may be 9 months pregnant... But she still has a sense of HUMOR!
 She is LOVIN' French Fries with Ketchup and Mayo.... And a side of PICKLES? Yes- You read it right! LOL. I cannot wait to meet ALLYANA! I hope that Amber will be able to make it to DJ's Birthday party! He named her one of the COLLEST people he knows. LOL. Mimi takes a very DEFENSIVE stance over Amber as well. In the store she stays with her so no one "TAKES her"... Gotta love 'em!

1 comment:

  1. OMG Im so super huge! And Ronald has a weggie in the front of his MC Hammer pants! Bwahahahahaha.. I will definitely try my hardest two days before delivery to go bowling! :) Might throw my curve off! Oh Mimi no one is gonna take me and my baby...Smh!. I couls go for some fries mayo and ketchup right NOW! 6:57am! Mayo has to be 1st and then add the little bit of ketchup! Lol...13 more days and my princess arrives!