Saturday, September 1, 2012

All About Amber!!!

 Happy Birthday Amber!!! From Gustavo, Amber, Dj and Mimi!
This cake was SO YUMMY!
 Amber and Mimi!
 Dj giving birthday sugar! (Watch out Reggie!)
 Amber Squared
 I was trying to make her laugh!
 9 Months pregnant and completely CUTE! You see her in dem' shoes???

 Happy Happy Birthday!!! Dirty 30!
The Group!!!
 She made these so I wanted to use them!!!
 Happy Birthday! She was SO embarrassed!!!
 Two Ambers in a SQUARE!
 Take a picture Click Click!
I cannot wait to meet this baby!

This is where we ate...
I will have a WHOLE blog post for this place!!!

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  1. I had such a beautiful day...Thank you so much! :)