Saturday, September 1, 2012

Blogs I found...

Today I went on a mission to find some Kuwait Blogs to read since... Honestly- I am running out of ideas on what to do, when and where to do it... I eat and shop almost EVERY weekend!

To Google I go...
--> I found this blog and the writer no longer writes... It is about a DOG named Amber-Mae... Now, That gives me all the more reason to get p*ssed off when people call me AMBER MAY! HA HA HA
--> When on this blog I ran across a video that my dearest "Amber W" had mentioned to me two days before... See Below
--> She is an American Make-Up artist who works as a contractor in Kuwait... She has informational videos posted on YOUTUBE. I am thinking her name is: lilpumpkinpie05
--> Interesting Read... I am a nerd... Go Green!
--> I enjoy the photos on this blog!
--> The words on this blog... They blend... It is smooth and soothing!
--> Though she hasn't blogged since April and I have NO IDEA how to read the alpha+number= words... Her blog was intriguing... It made you want to read more. I even fed the fish on her page...
--> Her blog posts were cute... I just scrolled away...

I am going to try to add them to my reading list... I wish they had the little "Follow" button... Maybe some do and I over-looked it... But I will try this way!  Woderful! I like her photos...I love her writing style!

When I was on Google... I also saw that "Desert Girl" has a list of the 'TOP 50 Blogs according to Google'... Let's take a look, Shall we???...
I see that she as Number 4... Which I can believe... She is always on the results when you say ANYTHING about Kuwait!!! Since this was posted in June 2011... She actually may be #1 by now... Expat and the City... I can no longer see your blog!!! You have been Blocked on post :( Sad, sad day... I did go on your blog last night from the house though! You are engaged!!! Congrats! ***I love that she takes the time to respond to her readers. I love her travel photos! I was surprised that I didn't see her on the TOP 50 list.


  1. Thank you! :-) I'm adding your blog to my American Bloggers in Kuwait post. Such a nice family blog you have. xoxo

    1. Expat- Thank You! I like them:) (Mi Familia) I really haven't found too many FAMILY blogs over here.
      I really hate that I cannot read your blog from work!
      What happened? I could before.
      Happy Blogging!

    2. Maybe the USG didn't like something that I wrote? I'm not sure because the blog is just simple and supportive of the US troops. I hope they bring it back up again. Thanks for your support. :)

    3. Well when I get the GREY screen, This is what I get!
      'Website Category: Political/Activist Groups'
      Honestly when you had the '' on it before... it worked.