Thursday, September 20, 2012

Building a Freelance Makeup Kit for Beginners

I completely LOVE this lady! Her personality is so cute! Her lil Southern Self!She reminds me of one of my BEST friends, Moni!!! I have been trying to figure out which BRUSHES to ask my sweet Gustavo to get me (My Birthday gift Idea) I asked a couple different make-up people... But they never responded:(  I love the way that she does her make-up and she always provides helpful links. GUSTAVO: HINT HINT HINT!!!


  1. I hope this helps, i personally own all of these set's apart from Sigma's Make me classy as i have all those brushes already from Mac.But best blending brush around is the Mac 217 + Mac 224(which is amazing as well for blending liquid concealer under the eye).

    P.S All those palette's you see around the net by Bhcosmetics, coastalscents bla bla are all actually off China with a fancy company logo stamped on if you go on and type 88 palette or whatever concealer palette you'll find them all but at cheaper prices.

  2. Thanks so much:) I ended up just getting the Sigma Essential Brushes... Sigma via and they gave me a free gift! (eye shadow sample) I must say that I really like their eyeshadow and I didnt realize that brushes made so much difference:)
    I also got Urban Decay. I enjoy putting them on as well. You must use the primer to really get them to pop though!!! Thanks so much for your help