Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of School!

I found myself COMPLETELY unable to sleep... Excited, Nervous... Scared... Happy! A great mix of emotion as I tried to sleep and be up bright and early to see the kids off to school!

Mimi slept in my bed... For some reason, she was on my side of the Bed:( So I had to inch her over.

We got up early and ate breakfast. Then it was off to school.
 Me and the BIG kids!!!

I took charge and found their names on the class lists and then... waited for DJ's Best Friend to arrive... I was so happy to see that they are in the same class... Then... Off to find the classrooms.

I had a pretty full house today! I love this group! I am not sure why but they all listen to me and that makes it easy!

After I picked them up from school!
 Since they were good... They got to get some ice cream!
When they are happy, I am happy too! There is just one thing missing from this wonderful day!!!

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