Monday, September 3, 2012

Signor Sassi-Kuwait

I liked this place for the most part. The deco was nice and the lighting was also. I did not like the HOSTESS though. Also- No free refills so drink sparingly!
This was cool... They make their own Noodles!
This is the fried cheese
My meal... Pollo V(something)
Amber had Penne ______
Mary Ann had Fettucini
Spaghetti for my Babies!

I thought that this was so cute and SIMPLE!
Me and the Mini's!
Amber Deuce!
Amber and Amber
Again and again!

GUCCI!!! This purse was HUGE!!!
The other side of 360! It is a pretty mall... And it has all of the UPSCALE shops in it! I like it!
To get to the 360 Mall...
Take HWY 30 toward Kuwait City... Exit on 6th Ring road, Go toward Jahra.
When you see the Kuwait Intl' Airport sign, get in the feeder lane and stay to the left... Wa-Laah
The 360 Mall... If you miss that exit... You will have to make a HUG circle to get in there!
Dj- Giving a sign of APPROVAL
Princess Mimi and Ms. Maryann!!!

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