Thursday, November 29, 2012

Congrats to Mark and Gaby!!!

I am so excited!!! Gustavo's baby sister is E-N-G-A-G-E-D!!!
No date has been set as of yet! But I am SO excited for them!
Here are some photos of the happy couple... And Gaby's ring!

Being Banegas

I wanted to post a couple photos of me and Gustavo on our Honeymoon... I will provide photos of the hotel next and believe me... It was the BEST hotel I have EVER been too! The pictures may not do the place any justice!

 This is the first set of pictures we got together. 
Gustavo and Amber Banegas:)
 In the Lobby
 Breakfast is served!!! (The next morning)
 Looks like he is checking out my RINGS!

 He got me Roses:) That is his hand, Not mine! LMAO
You get a drink when you get to your room... More to follow on those details!
-No NO... It is not a sock in my hair!
 He LOVES the NEWS! They first brought him one in ARABIC!

What a nice CARD! Thank You
  When I was sitting at the bar, I got a rose...
Looking Up
What a surprise! Thanks Baby!!!
 Baby Bells~!
We had a Pre-Bar drink! LOL
Me... Being Happy

I think that I have more pictures, but my computer is acting up! The hotel post is coming!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving...

I will cook for the baby bears tomorrow... This is when I miss family the most.

Another Holiday Season in Kuwait!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Get back to Work!

For some reason, I expected things to feel different when I got back to work, but EVERYTHING was the same. It was like I had only been gone for one day.

In Sri Lanka, time went by so slow, in America... it flew! I only hope that these next couple of months fly by as well.

Working in Kuwait is like a mixture of The Real World... The Office and a pinch of the Bad Girls Club...
Reality at it's best.

Gustavo makes fun of me because I do NOT keep friends long...
There is a reason for that though...
I honestly believe that loyal and self-less people are hard to find. I try NOT to expect too much from people that way I will never be shocked by their short comings... But that is hard.
Sadly- I have learned that most people are only out for their best interests... While I am not. I do not like people who share my business (more than I do) or people who talk about me behind my back.
You only get one shot... My time is far too valuable.
I hate feeling like I am being used...
I have my own family and they will always come first.
I do not care about being friends on  Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Google Circles, ETC... I care about being a good mother and wife... I run on my own time... That is what grown women do.

That is all of my ranting for now:)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Did I forget to mention

Amber Banegas

Gustavo and Amber Banegas

I married the love of my life!

I hope he never changes!


Loving London

We had a ten hour layover in London...
What can you do in London with 10 hours???

First- Go to
Get round trip tickets to Paddington Station
Now- Get tickets for the Big Bus Tour
When you leave the Paddington Station,  go across the street to the LEFT and you will see a Burger King, from there... Make a right. On the corner is where you will board the Bus... You will be on the Blue Line... You will switch buses...
We got off the bus and caught a taxi back... I love taking local transportation. 

We saw so much!!! 
See Below: