Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tour De La Texas

What to do and where to go in Texas???

Good Question:)

I loved most of Texas... The weather is a bit tricky there this time of year... Sometimes it was nice and warm... And then... It was cold.

Here was where we traveled:
1. Killeen
2. Belton/Temple
3. Austin
4. Round Rock
5. Houston
6. Dallas

It was very strange driving in TEXAS...
In Kuwait Flashing lights means, "Get the *$%&*#( * OUTTA the WAY! In Texas it means, "It's clear, Come on over and get in front of me!"
In Texas EVERYONE that you pass waves... No matter what side of the road they are on...
In Texas the drivers move to the shoulder so you can get past them... Awh- The land of NICE!
It wasn't a dream, or was it...? Guess who got pulled over? And not for speeding... But for FOLLOWING TOO CLOSELY... Me. Yes, Sweet Amber! No ticket though! YES!!!

I loved Austin and the Round Rock Outlets:) Shopping!!!
We had some great BBQ...
We ate Honduran food:)
We went to our first NBA game which was outstanding!
See Below... More to follow as usual

 BBQ place in Belton... YUM YUM YUM!!!
Schoepf's BBQ
702 E. Central Ave
Belton, TX
 Mimster's toes
 Cute lil town we saw on the way to Houston
 On the way to Houston

 At the basketball game
 At the game:)
 He fell asleep at the game... SMH
 Another cute town... I think that it was Temple or Belton... I am not too sure... They all blended together to me 
 JACKKKKKKKK... Slicky!!! They had on their Old Man hats

 The closest sign we have seen to "DOMIYANA"
 We were at: "The Domain"

 I used SIRI to surprise Gustavo with some Honduran food!

This place was so yummy!!! 
If you are ever in Houston...
5945 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 77081
(713) 668-5002
"Plato Tipico"... Order that!!!

Our flight got cancelled due to maintenance... So- we got stuck in Dallas for a night.
That story will come later...

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