Monday, December 17, 2012

Banegas Family by Fatima

There is a little girl down stairs... named FATIMA. She is completely sweet! She always comes upstairs to play with the kids and always gives me so much sugar!

Her parents actually let me take her places... And her older sisters take Mims out. (MIMI disclaimer: When Daddy is home, she doesn't like to leave the house but she did finally get the courage to go... ) They went to the Hello Kitty restrurant. (I may have to go see what that place is all about!)

Fatima LOVES my cupcakes! She is always asking for them and when she makes some, she brings them up! I wish I had more time because I would bake more!

Her and Mims fight like sisters... Fatima likes regular girl stuff while Mimi finds her brothers' toys far more amusing.

I walked into Mimi's room and saw this:
They call me "MAYA"... Though I am not too sure why... They have just recently started calling me "AMBER" She spelled it "MIY" LOL...
You see that she added herself to our family...
It made me laugh because she doesn't know Gustavo's name... So at first she had a question mark... then turned it into a heart!

She is so freaking cute, right?!