Saturday, December 15, 2012

I hate Kuwait when...

I try my best to be a good ROLE model... When I am out with the kids I try not to show my tail... HOWEVER, it is very difficult at times! Sometimes I want to step on those abayas... (Oppps, So Sorry!)

1. People cut me in line... (I know you see me! I am 5'9"... and PALE!!! You see me!)

2. People flash their lights at me! I have NO WHERE to go! There is a car beside me... Scotty, Please  Beam me up so I do not get RAN OFF the road!

3. Take a picture! I am NOT a freak of nature... STOP STARING! Rude!

4. I hate when people throw trash out of their windows as well... I hate how dirty Kuwait is... It is the worst when the wind is out... It doesn't matter how many guys in those ORANGE jumpsuits are cleaning the streets... It is still DIRTY!
Yes- This is life. Sometimes I get SO upset... But I cannot control others. I can just try to keep the kiddies doing the right things.

5. Where is your child's safety seat? I hate to see the kids jumping around in the car! These roads are DANGEROUS!

Another thing that I see all the time that puzzles me...
Why are the kids in the family dressed in the SAME exact outfits? There could be 4 different kids, all different ages... And they are ALL wearing the SAME outfit... Am I the only one who finds that STRANGE?


  1. much respect of what you wrote ..
    I hate kuwait too when I face those situations too

    1. M7md Ghazi: It is hard at times! But sometimes it is BEST just to let it be!

  2. looool i liked the last part about the kids in the same outfit (some times the parents too)
    you are right, many things needs to be corrected specially in behaviour. It actually depend in which province you do your errands, believe it or not us Kuwaitis suffer as well in some places, people are from different back grounds here & we have many red necks :P

    1. Yes- Maybe you are right! It is hard at times to just go with it and accept it! I try to keep all of that in mind though! Different places, backgrounds ETC. Maybe some of the Expats have rubbed some of the locals wrong too... You never know. I want to leave a positive impression. :)