Saturday, December 1, 2012

I made some cool tables!

As most people know... I have had a few Nannies since I have been in Kuwait... Each Nanny was different with their cleaning styles... One of them... Used to use a CAN of pledge every time she dusted... The effects were NO BUENO on my night stands! See Below:

Basically- It welted the paper and caused bubbles... ETC...

How to fix this???... Amber has an idea!!!

First I used a tape measure:)
and then got glass cut for the tops (6MM think)
 4 KD total!

"Be back in an Hour...."

Then Mary Ann and I started cutting out magazine articles and newspaper clippings...

What do you think? of the finished product?

I really like the way that Gustavo's turned out! They are really like "HIS & HERS"!!!

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  1. That is a great and simple idea. DIY!