Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Years Nails!

It is almost 2013!

Here is a fun and festive look! Did I mention EASY to do?

Paint the tips... Underline with glitter... Put on the top coat, Whaaaaa Laaaaa! Beautiful!
Also- In the event that you need a quick TOUCH UP!... Apply glitter OVER the purple:


  1. *** Happy New Year! *** Nails look great and I love purple. I want to trade jobs because you have a lot more free time then I do. If we worked together then you could do my nails... See how that works for me? ;p

    1. Are you sure? I think that I work too much! LOL. I would prefer to be a Professional Princess...
      I love doing my own nails because I am saving MOOO-LA! LOL And everyone in my office helps themselves to my stash! You are more then welcome :) I am going to try and start learning new things to do... Become crafty with it:)