Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Village: Smash Burger

On Friday Mornings I generally take the kids to breakfast.
Last Friday Dj saw a sign for Smash Burger and got excited so I told him that we would go.
We are on the search for the BEST BURGER in Kuwait!
I told the kids if they finished their school buy 1430 (2:30 PM) that I would take them to SMASH BURGER today! You better believe they finished! LOL
  Here is Dj... Call 112- He KILLED the SMASH BURGER! (That is what he said)
Princess Domiyana... She stuns me all of the time with her ability to MATCH! She has a fashion sense already! She is such a lil Diva she told me that she couldn't wear the dress I picked for her because she "already wore it before"
Dj, Mary Ann and Mimster! They love her so much! And she SPOILS them!
So this is "The American" with regular french fries
"The Classic" is just like it, but has lettuce, tomatoe and onion.
I must say... It was good. I really liked the bun. People generally look at my strange because I discard the bun most of the time... I just leave places for my fingers to hold my food! LOL.
I have been trying to watch HOW much I eat, so I only ate half of my food. BUT I wanted to EAT it up!!!
 The menu... When I took this picture, the lady actually gave me a menu to keep:) Thanks! Fotos to follow!
 This is how much it costs for the 4 of us to eat... Now- As you look at this receipt you may think, "That is not bad at all..." In USD... $48.28 (Clearing throat)
 I really like this place... It is FULL of great places to eat... I saw Italian, Mexican... ETC. I went there for Shinita's birthday (Friday Night) as well and it was PACKED full! Photos to follow as well!

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