Monday, December 10, 2012

To know... or not to know?

One delightful Blogger in Denmark has "Blogger get togethers"... I also Googled it and it looks so fun!!! I thought WOW!!! How fun would that be to do in Kuwait?!...

Then I started thinking... "Do I really want to know who is behind the blog?"
Most of the bloggers in Kuwait do not show themselves, they may not show themselves for a get together function either... :(

There are a few that I would really love to meet because I think that they are the COOLEST people on Earth!

What if all this time... I knew them!!!?

That already happened! Expierence: No BUENO

One day I was reading a blog that I liked when SOMETHING stood out to me! I shook my head in sadness as I realized... I knew who the writer was. In REAL LIFE... I didn't like her. At all. She was RUDE and Negative... She had a smart mouth... And most of ALL... she was LAZY! She wouldn't even get out of her chair to help me... She rolled her chair to the printer that was only 2 feet away! Blahhhhhhh. Office job, made easier!!!

The other run in I had with her was when I went on a company sponsored Visa Run and they had me staying at a HOOKER infested Hotel! I left... Flew back to Kuwait... (Visa wasn't at the AP yet) so I Booked a ticket the Bahrain... Spent the night at the Movenpick and then returned on my regularly scheduled day. When Mi Suave explained WHY... She said, "It wasn't supposed to be a vacation"... Derrr. But I refused to be propositioned on the way to my room by IDIOT contractors who thought that I may have been a prostitute! On top of that you could hear their "FUN" in my room... In the hallway, ETC!
*Amber, No Likey!!!*


  1. LOOOOOL! I know exactly who you are talking about even though I have never met her. The way you describe her it is obvious! One of the ladies that I call my Kuwait mama has met her and told me the same thing. She has also met DG and said she is just the loveliest person that would do anything to help others.

    Fortunately there are mostly classy and sweet bloggers like AG, Bethany, Kim, etc. Their support and encouragement makes blogging in Kuwait an even sweeter experience.

  2. I have seen her out a couple of places and we NEVER speak... (I do not think that she is working here anymore though) I think that DG sounds outstanding. I like her sense of humor and how she is so brave to talk about the crazy things that happen to her. I think EVERYONE can relate to most of her dating mishaps! There are a couple of Bloggers that I fancy:) Is it a blog crush? LMAO... Is there such a thing!? Girl crushes are for Hotties... I do not know what they look like... I like their Smarts... YNS (Yo no se)