Thursday, January 17, 2013

Playful Pink Persuasion

 I went to The Avenues with Lateefah, Fatima and the kiddies...
First Stop- Sephora
The Chanel lady was busy so I helped myself to the colors that I wanted to test.

 The color I picked is in the MIDDLE

I ended up picking ROUGE ALLURE #94 Extatique
 I liked the way that it looked more then the others
 It is a pretty shade!

 It wasn't as loud as my previous lipstick picks...
But pretty all the same. 
I also bought some lip exfoilator and moisturizer.
Nothing worse then having crusty lips!
 I was really bothered at check out because the Chanel lady came over and said something to the manager in Arabic, he then in turn checked my bag for the lipstick.
I decided that I will NOT be shopping at Sephora again sadly... I may not know Arabic... But I know what it looks like to be accused of stealing!
Be thankful that my children were with me, had they not been... I would have showed my TAIL...


  1. Pick out what you like and order from Sephora online to your APO. It's cheaper and you don't have to deal with an ignorant saleslady. Too bad I wasn't there to say in perfect Arabic the word I have for her...

    1. I would have liked that! I have liars, cheaters and theives! I was with my kids though... I will try FACES or Va Va Voom... Some place like that and see how it works... I know now that I have to TRY the colors before buying them!