Friday, January 4, 2013

The Grandest Avenue

I have been to the Grand Avenues TWICE since it opened... But I never saw what I saw yesterday! This mall just keeps going and going. If you used to go to the 360 Mall for the higher end stores... There is NO need now as The Avenues has EVERYTHING... I was almost bothered that I saw SO many stores twice.
When you go in the day it is like you are strolling outside... Great natural lighting. At night, It is like Wonderland! I love it.
Here are some shots I took.

 Brown Stone...
 Yes, The trees are REAL
 It is like walking thru an old Souk... There were a lot of lil shops... Oils, Prayer Beads, ETC.
 I found it!! I never saw this place... And I looked. It was JAMMED packed!
 Now it is a whole NEW feel!
 I swear there must be 10-15 Starbucks in this Mall! This one is the nicest though!
 Like London
 Another World!

 This changes colors

 I wish I could fit these Choo's
 A cute set up in Harvey Nichols. I love there store windows too! 
Isn't it so pretty!!!?


  1. I love this mall! It's beautiful! There's been days that we have gone and stayed the entire day. My hubby works at the Texas Roadhouse there, so I guess I am a little biased about that area. :)

    1. You are right! You can get lost there! I like it! I noticed a LOT more security there as well. I have not been to the Texas Roadhouse (Or any of the new spots) I will have to go!