Wednesday, August 21, 2013

House of Mirrors- Kuwait

My dear friend, JOE and I went to the House of Mirrors in Kuwait!
Joe is a the most WELL traveled person I know. I think that he has been to 35 countries (and counting) I like talking to him and my husband doesn't have a problem with it, so it is a win win!
 I LOVED it! Lidia was an energetic and COMPLETELY awesome lady! I loved this place! DO NOT wear heels, if you do, bring slide on shoes as well. (I did!) Be prepared to be there about two hours. She has you do a lot while you are in the house. She tells stories and explains a lot!
Lidia is from ITALY!
It is 2 KD (almost 8.00 USD) to go on the week day and 3 KD (a lil over 10.00 USD) to go on a week end.
I have all of the info at the end of this post!
Take a look below:
The outside, you can't miss it!
This is the sitting area
Another shot
The ceiling
More pictures as we were awaiting the rest of the guests!
The ceiling
This is the floor and the base of the couch
I have no idea what it says, but it looked cool
Entrance to the kitchen
Another shot
Me and a dolphin!
She feeds you a snack!
She is TINY!
Leaving the kitchen

Look at her cabinets!

I love this picture! That is my LIBRA sign! And the shadow of a planet
Gemini... JOE's sign

The floor
Do you see the table?

The floor

JOE in the bathroom


All of the upstairs is ART, ART and more art!

This is a drawing of Lidia when she was younger:)

She is asking what is this made out of?

I won... I am so clever. Since I got the right answer, I got a prize!
Looks like a Patron Saint, don't you think?


I loved this piece


I had to REALLY bend down to take a picture with her!

Me and JOE


She took a picture of us

I had a great time!
Address: House of Mirrors
Qadisiya, Block 9
Street 94, House No 17
Phone Number: 22518522


  1. that dude's vibram fivefingers komodo sport are the real deal!

    1. Yes! They are! Lidia also was taken by his COOL shoes!