Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall is offically here!

Fall is my favorite season! I love it! The warm wind... The rustic colors... The boots... Dark lipstick, layers, scarves... I could go on like this FOREVER. But I won't...

Fall actually started on the 22nd of September. Being in Kuwait... it doesn't feel like Fall yet. The mornings feel great though... It is still a bit HOT in the day time around LUNCH.

The holiday season really kicks off in the Fall and it makes me miss home!

Being overseas it is hard to decorate... bake... Cook... DECORATE! Awh depression! Being that I am a MINI Martha Stewart I really enjoy doing these things!

I love to also get the kids involved. They seem to really LOVE it!

I know that this FALL is my LAST Fall in the desert! So I am hoping that we will do more Arabic type Fall activities! The picnics, tea time in the Desert, 4 wheelers... Camping... ETC, ETC!


I found pictures for the MAC beautiful COLORS on this BLOG: HERE


  1. October is my favorite month no matter what country I'm in. The weather is just gorgeous in Kuwait. I love to drink coffee while sitting outside and people watching. Such interesting characters we have in this country. I just want to paint them all. :)

    I think the best Halloween parties I've ever attended were in NYC and Amsterdam. Kuwait just doesn't compare. We just have to make the best of it. :)

    1. EXPAT! I love October... But I think that it is becuase I am an OCTOBER baby! I just love FALL! No matter where I am at! I have NOT been to a Halloween party here... But I do always take the kids trick or treating! (We are not going this year though!)
      You are right, watching people is FUN!

    2. Then a happy early birthday to you. <3

    3. Thank you! I know that this year will be GREAT!