Monday, September 16, 2013

Miss America... She is Indian, SO WHAT!!!

We have a NEW Miss America!!!

Miss New York has taken the crown! Why all the fuss? She is Indian... AND??? Beautiful? Charming, talented, smart... So... What is the problem? See below photos and Read Here

There have been RACIST remarks all over the internet...
WHY? Is there a TRUE One race? I do not think so. We are ALL mixed up!
Most people in America... Came from somewhere else! Google "American Women" You are not going to see blonde hair and blue eyes only! You will see every shade and color eye! I love that about America! We are a MELTING POT of culture! Embrace the BEAUTY in being different!

CONGRATS Miss America!!! Nina Davuluri!!!

A lot of noise was also made for MISS KANSAS! Theresa Vail! An Army Sgt and Tatted Beauty! See her below!




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