Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tips to help avoiding abduction in Kuwait

This post is mainly for women!

As many of you have seen... In the Middle East, being a women doesn't mean much! Women are treated more like OBJECTS then like human beings!

Unfortunately, Ethnicity also is a HUGE factor in how you are treated!

If you are an American, Canadian, or British you are treated better then Asians, Indians and Africans.
I am not sure why it is this way... But TRUST ME when I say that it is.

I read FAR too often how women are kidnapped, beat, raped or even killed.

Here are some tips to help avoid this.

1. Travel in a group! Do not walk around by yourself!!! There is a sense of power in numbers!

2. Do not dress Flashy or Trashy. We live in a very conservative country. Respect their culture

3. If you feel like you are being followed, find a security guard
(One day I was walking in Fahaheel. I saw a man 4 times in different locations... I started to pay attention and realized that he was following us (I was with my Nanny and daughter) I went into The X-Cite store and watched him for a bit, then I saw a group of Americans. It was 2 or 3 men and one woman. I asked them to walk us to the car, and they did) It is better to be safe... then to be sorry.

4. Pay attention to your surroundings. Look for landmarks. Look at the people around you. If you start feeling un-easy... Get out of that area

5. Do not take just ANY taxi. When you do take a taxi other than your usual, take a picture of the license plate or the placard behind the driver's seat. (If there isn't one, GET OUT of the CAR)

6. In the event that you are being attacked: FIGHT. SCREAM. Make a show! Hopefully it will scare them off or get you some help.

7. When you are driving and a man is trying to get your attention, keep your eyes FORWARD. DO NOT STOP THE CAR! I know it is scary, as they will get in front of you and push their brakes as well, IGNORE THEM. If you can, Get your phone out and take a picture, that generally gets them to BACK OFF!!!

In Kuwait,
Dial: 2389-9911 (On Post)

Dial: 112 (Off Post)

***Remember to always tell someone where you are going!!! And keep your CELL phone handy!!!***

If you have any other ideas that you might want to share... Please leave a comment!

Be Safe Y'all!

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