Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What is a "HATER"?

I decided to look this up... And see what a HATER is...
HATER: a person who hates.
Well- that is a simple definition.
Let me look at IMAGES... I didn't see a PERSON.
Would a hater STEAL a picture of a HOTTIE and send it to all of their friends with a crazy caption??? Or make FAKE FaceBooks??? Or even worse... Fake Myspace Accounts with someone else's picture??? Or take screen shots of the real person's profile then go and Group chat???
Does that make a person a HATER?
I think so.

So here is my definition of a HATER:
-Someone who is not happy with themselves, so they talk about other people all of the time. They have to have large groups of people around them to try and make themselves feel valued or important.

I found this on another BLOG... from way back in 2010 Get Rid of Hater TIPS

This is how you get rid of HATERS... (No, there is not a spray) I looked! LMAO!
1. Keep your business to yourself…people can’t hate on what they don’t know; well not  effectively.
2. Put distance between you and your haters…if your haters are friends with your friends…tell your friends you don’t care to know what such & such is saying as  it doesn’t make a difference in your life & they should find something better to do with their time.
3. Applaud your haters & stop them dead in their tracks by saying you agree with everything their saying about you. LOL There’s no where to go from there but STOP!
Hopefully one of these 3 easy techniques will help rid you of your haters or at the very least reduce them.
Good Luck!
And here is a note to my HATERS (One in particular)
Dear Envious Beast-
My Life is beautiful! You can share it with whomever...
Make positive progression towards perfection... Love yourself... Learn that you cannot talk your way out of everything... You have plenty of time, Go to the GYM... Work out that aggression... And know I am not thinking about you. And YES, I am beautiful. You are just making me famous on Camp Arifjan by showing me off:) I have an awesome FAMILY and someone to go home to! Contracting is NOT my life. Neither is drinking, drugs and sleeping with RANDOM Nobodies!!! Look at yourself before you look at me... Because I could unload ALL of your mess and destroy you the same way you are trying to destroy me... I just CHOSE not to!
PS- Now I have PLENTY of time to BLOG... But so do you! (BITE, BITE, BITE)
God Bless you!
-With Lots of Love~XOXO~ Amber Dawn Banegas...

Here are some Nicki Minaj Quotes... I knew I wasn't the only person this was happening to! You are NOT the first and will not be my last!


  1. Recently some crazy woman in Kuwait created a Twitter account specifically to communicate with me . She and a family member also attempt to stalk my Facebook though I keep that quite private. And even created new accounts to try to follow me on Instagram. If she were just a typical miserable hater I wouldn't care so much. But both of these women are known to have psychological problems.

    Fortunately I have a sense of humor. And though I certainly hope they get the help they need, I also realize their hate isn't directed only at me. They hate anyone who is happy... because neither of them are.

    Continue being your fabulous self :)

    1. Oh AG- You would not believe what I have to ENDURE daily!!! I try to keep my FB as private as possible as well! A sense of humor is a great trait to have! I am trying my hardest to laugh it all off! It is hard though. I would never TRY to get anyone in a bind of so mean things to them on purpose! So when I see people do things just to be hateful. It is hard. I have to hear smart remarks daily... But Sticks and stones, right?