Thursday, October 3, 2013

Arab Money, American Presidents or Vice Versa

I was in the Kuwait International Airport waiting for the kids to fly in and I saw this:
I do not know why... But I was kinda bothered... I sent it to my best friend TINA TURNER and her first reaction was... "Wow, That is a bad ass photoshop!" (Hmmm)
(She is in photography school, so I guess she would see that first)
VIVA is a phone company here and the ad was in ARABIC... So I have no idea what it was saying. 
I guess I was bothered because... I am sure that if ONE of the Kuwaiti Kings had something like this done it would be INSTANT HAREM! "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!"
Maybe I am being sensitive... 


  1. I doubt this is a reason to be bothered. I mean, it's just a comic kinda thing. It could be any other president, king, queen or whatever. We people, gotta know how to sometimes put boundaries between the serious things and whatever seems like a joke.

    That's just my opinion, by the way. I hope it doesn't bother you!

    Other than that, nice blog. Keep it up with your Kuwaiti experience! :)

  2. Lexo Kat- Yes, Maybe you are right... I couldn't catch the WHOLE jist of it since I do NOT read Arabic. I just hear about when people talk/write about the Emir, they go STRAIGHT to jail! I appreciate your input and please, continue reading the blog!