Sunday, November 3, 2013

Watch Out

I want everyone to understand something... Sometimes... Friends will turn on you. All of your "girl talks" can become ammunition. Conversations you have in confidence get spread to everyone else... and it hurts. Especially when you once held that person with such high regard. It is like having a Pit Bull that turns on you! It hurts and it is unexplainable....


  1. I'm so sorry someone has betrayed you. As women we have our own hurdles and challenges to overcome in life. We should lift one another up and support one another instead of trying to tear one another down.

    But keep in mind, their negativity towards you comes from a very deep, sick, jealous place. Always know you're better than that.

  2. AG- It is the nature of the beast. I wish more women were like you, but sadly, that is not the way it is. I am almost 30 and I have found out the hard way... Out with the old... In with the new. Also- I think that it is important to befriend people at a similar station, outlook... ETC.