Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Ombre the WRONG way!

Dear Desert Girl… 
For your viewing and laughing pleasure!
I have given examples of "Good Ombre and BAD OMBRE!"

I have been going to the same lady to do my hair for a while now… What do you do when you get your hair all messed up? I asked… Do you know how to OMBRE… The answer was yes… But I saw once shed started that… OH SHIT! I am in TROUBLE!
I remember telling her… "I do not want LINES in my head!"
This is what I wanted!
Just a couple examples… I also told her… I want a high-light to frame my face… I thought it was going to look great and this way… I wouldn't have to maintain a dye job when it grows out!

Just looking STUPID...

This is the face that I had to make to keep myself from crying! My hair is F*cking YELLOW

 This was the next day… I hid my face because… That is how bad it was
 I saw that they said to FIX it… To put an ash blond or light ash brown… So- That is what I told her to do.
 It is looking ok wet… Right? 
 Ok… This isn't that bad! 
 I left feeling a little better...
 Little did I know… The curls were a DECOY!
 This is the next day… You cannot tell… But me hair looked greenish or grayish
Not SOOOOO bad… Right?

 This is what it looks like… Like HELL
I was going to get it fixed when I was in America… But I was just too busy! I didn't even do my hair when I was home!



  1. Add a touch of red to the light brown color when you go over it again. Cut a few inches off. Then deep condition your hair twice weekly. Use a color lasting shampoo and deep conditioner from the PX. <3

    1. Where were you 2 weeks ago! LOL. I went and got my hair fixed already. I was not happy that I had to go all one color but… BLAH. My Hubzy likes the reddish brown on me… She did not trim my hair because the cut that I have is too choppy so I would lose too much length. I will look for that shampoo and deep conditioner. I have been trying to go green in the shower. It is hard to do from here though! XOXOX