Sunday, March 16, 2014

Banegas Babies

I have not blogged in a LONG time! I have a great excuse though!
We are pregnant!

We are having TWINS!

I will tell you that SO FAR this pregnancy has been very difficult! I have been SUPER sick! But… The babies are doing fine!

There is a picture of our Banegas Bundles!!!
I am thinking about blogging this adventure… But I am not too sure yet! I know I miss blogging and I have to do something because if not… I will go CRAZY! This is the BIGGEST thing going on in my life! The kids are excited!


  1. WOW! Twins! Congratulations! That's wonderful news. Twins are just the cutest.

    You should blog about it so we can all support you. :)

    1. Thanks EXPAT! We are excited… But I am scared too! TWO babies! Ahhhhhh

  2. Congrats!! How exciting!

    Are you going to have the babies in Kuwait? How is the medical care here? I'm just so curious because my husband and I have been discussing kids and I'm just so scared to have them here!

    1. Actually- They are very good here. I go every two weeks and get an U/S every time! I think in America you get seen once a month and No U/S until 20 weeks unless there is a problem. I have not looked at baby clothes here but I am sure that they are expensive so I will try to order mostly everything. Also- The packages that they have here are good for delivery. I am concerned about being HUGE in the Summer and also about the air quality. My husband says that he will get four filters in their room though. I do not plan to take them out much when they are born though!