Monday, July 18, 2016

Just another American being held in Kuwait Prison

I generally stay away from things like this... But I guess when something hits close to home, you have to say something. It is amazing to me that when someone posts a pic half naked, they get a lot of attention, but when someone is really trying to make a change... They get no support!

Here is a snapshot of the story. I will attach the petition below and you can read that if you like. Mostly- I am asking for signatures. It only takes 2 minutes!

Jermaine Rogers was arrested in October 2015... Now it is July 2016 and he is still sitting in the Kuwaiti Prison. Every month he has a court date and it keeps getting pushed to the next month. He hasn't been charged with a crime... So why is he still in jail? I have heard of many Americans being arrested for the same or similar charges and they just get deported.


Free Jermaine

I went on the IG account for the Kuwait Ministry of Interior... And you won't imagine all the pics I found of (mostly Americans) poised in front of them. I remember even more of them but couldn't find them now.
All the stories read the same. "American Drug Dealer" and that they all confess.

This is not an American... But same "tobacco like substance"

This is Jermaine's staged drug king pin photo

Same stuff again...

Where are these Americans at? Are they all still in jail? Why isn't anyone helping? I want you to really understand that the jails in Kuwait aren't like being locked up in America!


  1. Kuwait laws are very strict. I'm not supporting kuwait or Jermaine, but another story, it says the undercover agent went in and bought I think black label whiskey for $10,000 kd. Alcohol is not allowed in Kuwait. Yes we all appreciate his service to USA, but why was he selling alcohol also, to an undercover agent. Anyone who goes to any country, needs to abide by that countries laws, yes even if you're a us citizen. What about the kid who was trying to take a poster out of north Korea, now he's in jail, for who knows how long. I wish Jermaine Rogers the best of luck in getting released.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I didn't see anything about the alcohol. Where did you see that at? Sadly now he has been sentenced to death. I know him personally, and I can't believe that would be true. Fingers crossed that he will be able to go home soon.

  2. Jermaine is more than just an American hes a father a man of honor whose proudly served this sorry ass country for 20yrs. He was arrested upon accusations of selling drugs which were never found when they kicked in his door. A yr later a cocaine charge was magically placed on him 7gs not nearly enough to be considered a king pen.An unfair trial w no one including his lawyer able to speak english and a life sentence. Where is the justice.

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