Monday, September 12, 2016

The Lemonade Diet

The Lemonade Diet... Or the Master Cleanse... Whatever you want to call it! It is a 10 day ALL liquid diet consisting of only these liquids:

- Salt Water Flush (Sea salt or Epsom salt)
- Lemonade  (Freshly squeezed lemons, organic maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water)
- Herbal Tea (I used "Smooth Move" but any tea with Senna leafs)

So I have not being doing great at maintaining my weight when I lose it... I am right back to 204! I really need to shock my body and burn off some of this stored fat. I have a weeding coming up and I have to be able to wear the dress that I already got altered! 

So this is my journey of 10 days! Praying that I can even make it that far! It is hard cooking for kids and not being able to eat.

Oh Yea, I am making Gustavo do it too! He is heavier then he has ever been before.

Starting Weight:
Amber: 205
Gustavo: 222

I started the night before by taking the Smooth Move tea... No sugar. It wasn't horrible.

Day 1: Salt water flush...
Yuck! This is probably the worst part of the regimen. 
I made a gallon worth of the "lemonade" since I was sharing it. Hunger wasn't the issue. The headaches were horrible. I mean HORRIBLE. I felt pretty lazy. And mentally- I do not think I am prepared. I keep thinking about food!
I weighed myself and I am 199~
Gustavo is 214

Day 2: Salt water flush! It was more like a chug and I actually threw some back up!
I drank the lemonade...

Day 3: I ate a salad. Again, I wasn't starving... But the head ache was just too much. I couldn't continue on.

I seriously think that anyone who does this cannot be active. I mean, I am chasing twins and cooking for my family. If I had nothing to do all day, I guess I could complete this challenge. What it did make me realize was that I was eating WAY too much before. I started eating smaller portions and food that was better for me.
I have been eating salads and laying off too many sweets. That has really been helping. 

I had a sad realization, I am 31 and I have been worried about my weight basically all my life. There is no fun in that! I just want to enjoy my life, be healthy and happy. So let's see how healthy eating goes and maybe I can just ease my way into the liquid diet. Allowing soup. I think I might have to lay off the caffeine first as I am sure that was what was causing the headache!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Whose my Daddy

Sadly, I have no idea who my father is.
This is something that has always bothered me.
- Where did I get my height?
- Where did I get green eyes?
- Why is my skin fair?

I am often told that I look like my mother except she has dark skin, hair and eyes. My mother has never been too fond of talking about my father. I had to ask her several times in the same conversation to even get his first name... Finally- I know that my father's REAL name is RODNEY.

I was looking at my birth certificate one day and realized that the name on there is two names made as one...
My mother was still legally married when she had me... That means that I got that last name which was "GUSTIN"
The man she was married to was name "Kenneth Gustin" but the father of my youngest sister is David Beckley. The name on my Birth Certificate is "David Gustin"... You see... My mother put the first name of one man and the last name of the other.

I understand that in the 80's people were a bit wreck-less as I have a lot of friends who never knew their fathers as well.

I decided that I would do an Ancestry DNA kit. I ordered it when it was 20% off. So I paid 79.99! When I got the kit, I read the instructions and thought, I can put this much spit easily, then my mouth went dry. Maybe it was anxiety. Who knows! I couldn't wait to get it in the mail and on its way!
You shouldn't eat, drink or smoke 30 minutes prior to spitting!

Fast forward: I received my results. It took 7 weeks. I got the email, logged in and.... To say that I am SHOCKED is an understatement!!! Here are the results...



  • Ireland32%
  • Great Britain30%
  • Europe West19%
  • Scandinavia9%
  • Trace Regions
  • Italy/Greece5%
  • Iberian Peninsula3%
  • Finland/Northwest Russia< 1%

West Asia< 1%

  • Trace Regions
    < 1%
  • Caucasus< 1%

What I think is cool is... They show you matches. Like people who have the same or similar DNA. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR MEMBERSHIP TO SEE THIS!
I have contacted a couple people to see if they could be related on my father's side (Extremely High probability of 1-2 cousins) I have't heard back from anyone yet though.