Monday, September 12, 2016

The Lemonade Diet

The Lemonade Diet... Or the Master Cleanse... Whatever you want to call it! It is a 10 day ALL liquid diet consisting of only these liquids:

- Salt Water Flush (Sea salt or Epsom salt)
- Lemonade  (Freshly squeezed lemons, organic maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water)
- Herbal Tea (I used "Smooth Move" but any tea with Senna leafs)

So I have not being doing great at maintaining my weight when I lose it... I am right back to 204! I really need to shock my body and burn off some of this stored fat. I have a weeding coming up and I have to be able to wear the dress that I already got altered! 

So this is my journey of 10 days! Praying that I can even make it that far! It is hard cooking for kids and not being able to eat.

Oh Yea, I am making Gustavo do it too! He is heavier then he has ever been before.

Starting Weight:
Amber: 205
Gustavo: 222

I started the night before by taking the Smooth Move tea... No sugar. It wasn't horrible.

Day 1: Salt water flush...
Yuck! This is probably the worst part of the regimen. 
I made a gallon worth of the "lemonade" since I was sharing it. Hunger wasn't the issue. The headaches were horrible. I mean HORRIBLE. I felt pretty lazy. And mentally- I do not think I am prepared. I keep thinking about food!
I weighed myself and I am 199~
Gustavo is 214

Day 2: Salt water flush! It was more like a chug and I actually threw some back up!
I drank the lemonade...

Day 3: I ate a salad. Again, I wasn't starving... But the head ache was just too much. I couldn't continue on.

I seriously think that anyone who does this cannot be active. I mean, I am chasing twins and cooking for my family. If I had nothing to do all day, I guess I could complete this challenge. What it did make me realize was that I was eating WAY too much before. I started eating smaller portions and food that was better for me.
I have been eating salads and laying off too many sweets. That has really been helping. 

I had a sad realization, I am 31 and I have been worried about my weight basically all my life. There is no fun in that! I just want to enjoy my life, be healthy and happy. So let's see how healthy eating goes and maybe I can just ease my way into the liquid diet. Allowing soup. I think I might have to lay off the caffeine first as I am sure that was what was causing the headache!

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