12 Steps to becoming a Better Woman 2012

I always try to be different… So I decided that I would have some “End of Year Resolutions”
While in deep thought I figured that I would do something EVERY month to better my life.  Though these are small steps... I feel they will make a difference in my lifestyle. Slow and Steady! 
1. December
Delete My Facebook Account!!! 

To be honest… It is great not having one. It controls my nosiness and cured my anxiety to see who was thinking about me, checking up on me, liking my photo or commenting on my status. It also burned a bridge of communication from people who are deceitful, jealous and from the past. It is a great relief. I am glad I did it!
2. January
Do NOT Call Out Sick From Work!!!
Hard Work...
Mental Strain...
Body Pain...
Eye Twitching...
Everyone B!tching... 
I have made it to my job everyday in the month of January. I know it may seem like the NORM to some people but that was not the case for me. I was taking FULL advantage of my sick days...  I told myself that I have to be better than the standard... I have been at work every day this month... That is 31 days and counting!!!

3. February
I decided that in the month of Feb... I would do nothing... I would enjoy my vacation and forget about my worries. And that is what I did! Being that I am usually such a great planner... I was sad when things didn't go as I planned. But I went with the flow... A big pat on the back to me.
 I must say I really loved how Beau stepped in and handled business when I was getting irritated.

4. March
Considering the Un-employment rate... I will begin this post by saying, "I am glad to be working." But putting up with different personalities in a small space is at many times, DIFFICULT, to say the least. I am learning more and more to just smile and make conversation. I do not act fake... But I try to be more patient when I am asked STUPID questions or when comments are made that just make no sense. My goal for March is to smile at the people I do not speak to daily. I have been doing really well. It is great to see the re-actions I get for being nice... They seem... Shocked. Being nicer to the people that I work with actually makes my job easier. I start to be happier... And I actually want to come to work.

So... Try it! You might like it. Also- Smile 5 times a day ... Soon- You will do it without even knowing it!

 5. April
For the month of April... I decided to delete my Twitter account. It is for the birds (hooo, hooo, coooo, cooo)
In today's society it seems as though addictions to Social Networks is very common. I realized that I was using my Twitter account as a crutch because I didn't have Facebook anymore. Looking back at my posts... They were nothing great. Just random rants... Sentences at a time.
When I decided to delete it... People asked, "Who pissed you off?" Nobody. I am not letting anyone influence the decisions that I make. I just did not see how having Twitter changed my life for the better... If anything, I was catty. Slick mouthed and I was using Twitter as my Outlet.

Good Bye Twitter~ #LATER @TWITTER...

I did FINALLY learn Twitter Language!

6. May
When I was in the 10th grade I remember watching one those News shows that have the teenager announcers. Every morning there would be a quote on the screen at the end of the show. One of my favorite quotes came from one of these shows.
"Worrying about the Past only darkens the future"- UNKNOWN
This made a lot of sense to me way back then but thinking about my life now... I have not been doing this. If anything the Past has been alive and in my face!
I decided that I would no longer think about the past or bring it up. The Past is better BEHIND me! Let the Past be the Past! On my road to becoming a "Better Woman" I have to learn to forgive and forget. To move on and not let people control my emotions or interrupt my happiness. Baby steps... For the Month of May- I will not bring up the Past... :) 

I am finding it very difficult to forgive the ones who have disrupted my happiness... How do you forgive people who allow you to help then treat you badly? How do you forgive those who think they have the right to speak bad about you? I really have learned to remove myself. I am not sure if that is the way to fix it though. I have heard that time heals. To me it seems like time will only make a deeper wedge.  

I know nothing is instant. I will keep it up! And I will keep trying to fix the broken relationships that are currently not only in my life, but our LIVES.

7. June
The month of June... I quit smoking. I really quit on the 21st of May BUT I wanted to go a FULL month before the announcement. Now the smell of people who smoke... kinda bothers me!    
The best part of not being a smoker is... Gustavo quit too. I guess it was not as fun smoking alone. Together we are setting a better example for the children. I am very proud of US. It seems like together, we can do anything! If we can do it... Anyone can! I think it is really just a mind thing.

8. July
 For the month of July- I am going to refrain from drinking soda. I want to see if it will have a change on me. I will track my progress. ALL month... More to Follow, until then-

As you can see I drank a bit of soda on Fridays... But overall... I did very well. What can I say? I LOVE PEPSI!!!

9. August
I plan to drink 8 glasses of water a DAY:)
(4 ea. 500ml bottles)
1 ea 500ml= 16 oz.
 I have lost 4 lbs:)
I did in fact drink my water everyday! I think that it has been a good change! Now I wake up feeling completely dehydrated!
Good thing that we always leave put a bottle of water on the nightstand!
10. September
No Meat!
I will eat no meat this month! When I say NO meat... I mean NO Beef, turkey, chicken ... NADA!
***I do NOT eat SEAFOOD or FISH***
I know that I can go without Beef EASY... But no chicken... Ewww. That is where it gets hard! Holiday season is just around the corner! I do not want to have the extra weight before it gets here! Also- Since Mi Suave has departed... I have gained some weight!!! I have been working out and I am still drinking water. I think that keeping a "FOOD JOURNAL" is a great way to monitor what I am eating! I will keep track of my progress and let you know how it goes!
My goal is to lose 13 pounds this month!
(That is how much the Wii says I need to lose)
*Shout Out to Drice and Moni for assisting with Morale support*
Also- I must display the COOLEST cup! I had to buy it for my soup and TEA! Isn't it so cute~?

 11. October
In celebration of my birth month... I took it easy on myself... I did the same things that I have been doing! I am trying my hardest to keep up with the great changes that I have made and making those changes into habits.
I am now 28 years old! 
I have to seal my place in society...
I want to be known as a good, honest, trustworthy and humble person. Those are the traits that I value in people!
Things have been a bit hectic for me this month- But I will not even get into the disappointments... I will only move on with my head high because I know that things happen for a reason and instead of cutting up... I kept it CLASSY! Here I am! I must say I LOVE this BLUE! I took these pictures for Mi Suave! You gotta keep them on their toes ladies!!!
I made this STRIP at http://bighugelabs.com/photobooth.php

12. November

What did I do that was great in November? Not much of anything. I got a couple of tattoos that I have REALLY been wanting... I went to my first NBA game... I stood up for myself... I was a good mother... A good wife...Life is pretty good! I honestly think that this last year has taught me a LOT about myself. I will continue to mold myself into a great WOMAN. 
I have a feeling that 2013 is going to be a great one! It is DJ and Mimi's GOLDEN years (7 for Mims and 9 for D)
That must be special that their golden years are on the same years and on 2 of my FAVORITE numbers:)

In 2013- I will work on:
 keeping my cool 
not letting people's mouths bother me
Become COMPLETELY fluent in Spanish 
Go out ONCE a month (Amber Banegas TIME)
Attempt to make a new meal once a month 
Enjoy my husband and children
Become a better blogger
I think that is ALL I can think of right now. I would also like to maintain the 12 things I did in 2012!
Time to build a NEW tab!


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