My 2014 Progression

Anyone who reads my blog or knows me… Knows that I like to do things a bit different! So- Again… I will make 12 small changes in my life this year and see how if helps me in the long run.
"Progression until Perfection!"
I do not want to call them "resolutions" because most people have the same resolutions every year and once they begin to fail… They say F it and continue doing things the way that they were used to…

- Get into the Stock Market
We all had to take Economics in High School, didn't we? Remember the class would buy stocks and then with the money that they earned… Have a party? My Hubzy has been talking about doing this for a while and after a "Gustavo Stock Refresher" I decided, "Heck, Let's try it!" We are excited about it and I am starting to enjoy checking out which stocks I think will be a good buy. Gustavo and I have come up with a plan… If it works, I will share it:)

Clean out the contacts in my phone
I have had this phone number a couple of years. I have restaurant numbers, hospital numbers, contacts from people in America and a lot of number to people I do not EVER talk to. That being said, it is time to clean it up. Plus: I am tired of seeing people in my APP contacts. I do not even like some of these people, so why should I have to look at their faces? D-E-L-E-T-E!!! I went from 156 contacts to… DRUM ROLL Please… 89 contacts!


  1. That is a awesome idea. I really like to read ur blog. U r so nice and funny. Yu are also to much beautiful.