UBER Driver Confessions

Here it is… 

So I just started driving for Uber.

People ask me the same 2 questions every time I share that I am an Uber Driver..

1. Why are you driving? In short I will say… To get some time to myself and some adult conversation. I am in the house all day with the twins and I really don't have any friends in Tampa. So- there you have it.

2. Are you scared driving because you are a woman? NO. I am not. Mostly because I know that Uber has all of the passengers' information and because I have MASE!!! LOL. Honestly- I have never had anyone be rude or harass me where I felt like I was in Danger! 

There is a rating system with Uber, and I have to rate my riders before I can continue on my trips. I have driven almost 60 rides and I have only NOT given 5 stars once, that rider got a 2 star… Reason being, he lit a cigarette in my vehicle and secondly- he was rolling down the window and yelling out of it… Ummm, Hello! Have some class!

I also get rated… Seems like so far 4 people have not given me 5 stars… I don't know who they were, but the way I see it is… You just got driven around in a LUXURY SUV and paid $2.76 ummm, REALLY??? My vehicle is clean and I am friendly… Was it my breathing that irritated you??? Bygones- I hope your next Uber ride is far more enjoyable.

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