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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Looking for something great to do in Bahrain with the cubs... I am thinking about going to these areas. I plan to be on the Resort most of the time though... 3 1/2 days... I think this is enough! :) Pictures to follow after! Manama Manana Mama!!!

This is where we will be staying:

Novotel Al Dana Resort 

Lost Paradise of  Dirlmun

Wahoo Water Park

Bahrain Fort

Al Dar Islands

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Another Friday

I never thought that I would be able to say that I spent my whole day at the mall... But...Me and the Baby Bears were at Avenues ALL day yesterday!!!
First things first... Get the tickets for "The Amazing Spiderman" 1630 is SOLD OUT... So 1900 it is!!!

We had to get the Birth Certificates for our Baby Bears!
Then we took some pictures for Daddy! The kids played at "Baroue" I was shocked that it was TWO stories! I guess it is HIDDEN... Not the normal Mall Play Place. I liked it!
This is a HARD Car racing game!!! They did win 1st place on Mario Kart though:)

We shared some ice cream!
Mimi said it was the best lunch she EVER had.

It is strange it is like there is some radio frequency that is shot out and everyone goes to the same place. It was crowded when we got there, but after we ordered... It was quiet.
The kids and I ended up sitting at the same place that Gustavo and I sat at our first time there :(

The kids got 'The Shack Burger' and I got the double. Fries...
This was the design on the table. The kids thought it was cool. They asked me to take a picture so we can remember! LOL
Princess Mimi
Our Knight DJ

This was a shot from where we were sitting.
Movie Time!!!

I actually fell asleep. I hardly slept that morning after work... (CON of working Night shift) From what I remember the movie was GREAT! The kids thought so.

We got home... Ordered Pizza and then watched a movie. The kids knocked out pretty fast!

Here is ONE reason why I love having a Little Girl!
She wears my shoes, just because:)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fat Fat

I was in the mirror looking at myself thinking, "Wow Amber, You are looking good! You look like you are losing weight" I decided to get on the scale... Thought it was a fluke... So tried again... Same result... Hmmm....

Since My Beau has been gone I have gained 10 lbs! How is this possible? I hardly eat... I stopped drinking soda??? What can do?

I told Gustavo that either I would be thin as a rail... Or Fat as a Cow when he got back... This will be the result if I am the latter of the two!

Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Talk about motivatation!!!
A friend did this when I was in Iraq! The App is called "Fat Booth"
"Get in my Belly!"

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Noodle Factory

Ms. Drama for your Mama Mimi Maye!
The Noodle Factory (The Avenues Mall)
The Menu

The Plate and the outline mat is cute!

Mim's Tea... And a mint Leaf!

This is how you can turn ANY pair of chop sticks into a pair that your kids can use! They really thought they were doing something! LOL
All in all I will say that the Noodle Factory is ok. No free re-fills:( And they messed up my order. But every where I go my order is messed up! They did replace my food quickly though! I was super hungry! Gustavo is getting better about trying new foods! I like that he is willing. I really think the only reason that he does it is because the kids are there watching! LOL He said he would eat there again so I am sure that he liked it! If they are happy, so am I!

Dj-White to Yellow

So- DJ had his karate competition this Friday. I guess I was confused because I did not think that I would be downstairs in a room packed with people... Nor did I think we would be the only Americans! LOL.

Me and Princess Mimi.
Dj waiting for his turn.
Get ready
Looking good DJ!
He is so FAST!
Go DJ!
My strong Boy!
When he does theses, he is soooo cute!
My Yellow Belt WINNER!
Princess Peach Mimi
The Champion and Daddy!
Just a bit more loving!
This will be next!
We had a long day! So long that I had to make 4 posts! Keep reading!