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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Amber has been GHOST

Yes, I just spoke of myself in 3rd person... I have not been on the BLOG in a long time. I love love love to blog and I have just let life get in the way. I can't say that things have been good... I can't say that they have been bad either... And that is only because I am trying to be optimistic! I will start writing more soon though!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Kim and Kanye's Baby Girl

Finally- A glimpse at NORTH WEST! She is a CUTIE!

I think that Kim and Kanye did the right thing by releasing photos themselves! The first picture was shown by Kanye... See below

And the second by Kim on Instagram

I did like that Brad and Angelina donated their FIRST baby pics "MILLIONS" to charity.


Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 2013

What is a LUNAR ECLIPSE? An eclipse in which the moon appears darkened as it passes into the earth's shadow.

Basically- The Moon passes BEHIND Earth! The shadow of Earth falls on the Moon!

We have one coming up October 18, 2013!!!

 I guess Kuwait it will be the 19th! (Around 0250 is when the MAXIMUM effect will take place)
See Link below for more info!
Eclipse Info

DJ is a total SPACE nut! So I will make sure that he gets to see this!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Alright... Ok!!!

Gustavo and a couple of Bloggin' Babes have been getting on to me for not blogging! I am not going to make excuses for my laziness... HOWEVER- I would like to note that my MACBOOK PRO crashed... I am hoping my photos will be saved! (I will cry if they are LOST forever)
---Dear Indian Man at the Workshop... Please work your magic!!!!
Once I find out if I still have photos... I will catch EVERYONE up on the Thailand trip!
I look forward to blogging and I will try my hardest to KEEP at it!


Thursday, February 28, 2013

Back to Blogging!

I know that I have been MIA lately... Thank You for all the people who took the time to check up on me!

I went ahead and posted... I will write more soon on each post! I just want everyone to know that I am still alive:)

I got an email from a "LOVELY" reader who made a comment about how I do not write about things that are important.... Hmmm... My FAMILY is the MOST IMPORTANT thing to me.
The reason that I write this blog is to vent and to make an online journal of their travels and outtings. It is something that I want them to remember.
I was taught long ago to stay away from sticky subjects such as religion and politics. If I have a strong belief in something at the moment, then I will write about it. As far as me writing about "nails"... According to my statistics... I get a lot of hits on those posts; you may not like them, but other people do.

Also- We are getting ready for a Thailand trip for Mim's Golden birthday!!! I plan to take LOTS of pictures!


Saturday, January 19, 2013


I was at work talking to a co-worker/friend, HOLLEY, and she told am about a burger place in the 360 Mall... She said it was the best burger... So- We had to go and test it!
I think that we found the place that she was talking about! 
So basically they are saying this burger is ALL NATURAL!
The Menu! It was on a clipboard, I thought that was cute:)
Here are the tables... Clever huh? So far, so good
Mary Ann and Mimster
My D to the J
I am sure she was saying something which made me take this picture!
Me and my number 1 man!
Me and my Mini!
More shots of the place
And another shot
Fries came out first.
Here are the burgers.
Sadly- I did not like the taste of the burger. It is like they seasoned it with onion... And I do NOT like ONION! At all... ZERO...
The delivery of the bill and sanitizer! I liked that!
Close up because the lil pale was so cute!
The bill!
The is a GRAND TOTAL of 67.67 USD!!!

Another shot of the place.
Now to add more to the growing waistline! Krispy Kremes!!!
We have a bit of time before the movie!
My babies! Lil cuties! We saw a movie called, "Zambezia" It was about birds... It was a cute movie.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Blog Loving!


I have found that Blogging has become my favorite past time... If I am not blogging something, then I am reading someone elses blog!

I LOVE IT! Just take the key to my heart you WONDERFUL people!

I am attracted to SMART people! I do not even know who they are, but I am intrigued by them! It is AMAZING!

Since I have been in Kuwait, I have hardly made any friends...
That is strange to me... But something that I am used to. I have been contracting for a long time and I have moved around A LOT so I generally do not get too attached to anyone. I am almost sure that is NOT healthy! I have abandonment issues! LOL.

When I am on the bus to go to work I hear, "Hey Amber", "Hi Amber"...
When I am at the grocery store... In Fahaheel... Malls... Eating Dinner... ETC same thing. A lot of people KNOW who I am... Yet- I do not have friends.

Have I closed myself of as a defense mechanism?

To start the year off right... I have decided to STAY AWAY from any OFFICE DRAMA... And make some friends that do NOT work in my office!

Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!!! 2013

Happy New Year 2013!!!

Remember the lessons learned and strive not to make the same mistakes in 2013!

Forget the negativity! Move forward with a smile and the hope that this year everything will work out!

I have been working on myself all of 2012 and I think that so far, so good!

The biggest lesson that I have learned is...
-I cannot control everything in my life.-
That was a hard pill to swallow!
I cannot control other people or their actions.

It is a New Year! Another beginning! Make this year great!

Even small steps are progression!!! Poco a poco!!!
I am still working on my resolution list! 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Easy At Home Holiday Nails

In my office I have a drawer full of nail polish... I try to save money in the smallest ways... So- instead of paying to get my nails done, I do them myself.

There is a lady named ANA (She works in the mailroom) who is always complimenting my fingernails and asking me, "How did you do that?" So- I took some pictures!

 I bought these at WAL MART... They come together in a group of 3!
Kiss Gradation Polishes

 Here are my bare nails...
Step 1: The base color... Paint your whole finger nail... Like normal. I only put one coat...

Step 2: This is how much paint you should put on your brush. Basically, Dip the brush, remove the excess from both sides and then pick up only a dab at the end of the brush.
 Only paint the tips of your nails with this color. See below:
Step 3: Take the glitter color and paint the top 3/4 of your nails.
Now put on a clear coat... Dry and Let's go!
Results Below!
Easy huh?

I always get compliments on my nails! People think that they are fake, but they are real!
So are my eyes and my hair too! LOL. It used to bother me when people would ask if I had in extensions and/or contacts but now I realize, Maybe that is a compliment!

*On the directions it says to got 3/4 the way down with the second color and only glitter on the tips... Well- You know I have to be different, so I put switched it up! But there are two options that you can use:)

Here is something similar in PINK!
Even my husband thought that these were fake/ Done in the salon:)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pinup Girl Clothing

I do not know if Kuwait Culture has changed me... Or if I am just growing up... But when I was on vacation in AMERICA... I was SHOCKED and AMAZED by what I saw the women wearing! What happened to respecting yourself? I guess I am more reserved now-a-days!

I love to look classy... Edgy... Hollywood Glam... DIFFERENT
I found another website with some very nice vintage style clothing... And it is cheaper then the 'STOP STARING' brand.

AND THEY HAVE SHOES that are my size!!! I am in LOVE.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Village: Smash Burger

On Friday Mornings I generally take the kids to breakfast.
Last Friday Dj saw a sign for Smash Burger and got excited so I told him that we would go.
We are on the search for the BEST BURGER in Kuwait!
I told the kids if they finished their school buy 1430 (2:30 PM) that I would take them to SMASH BURGER today! You better believe they finished! LOL
  Here is Dj... Call 112- He KILLED the SMASH BURGER! (That is what he said)
Princess Domiyana... She stuns me all of the time with her ability to MATCH! She has a fashion sense already! She is such a lil Diva she told me that she couldn't wear the dress I picked for her because she "already wore it before"
Dj, Mary Ann and Mimster! They love her so much! And she SPOILS them!
So this is "The American" with regular french fries
"The Classic" is just like it, but has lettuce, tomatoe and onion.
I must say... It was good. I really liked the bun. People generally look at my strange because I discard the bun most of the time... I just leave places for my fingers to hold my food! LOL.
I have been trying to watch HOW much I eat, so I only ate half of my food. BUT I wanted to EAT it up!!!
 The menu... When I took this picture, the lady actually gave me a menu to keep:) Thanks! Fotos to follow!
 This is how much it costs for the 4 of us to eat... Now- As you look at this receipt you may think, "That is not bad at all..." In USD... $48.28 (Clearing throat)
 I really like this place... It is FULL of great places to eat... I saw Italian, Mexican... ETC. I went there for Shinita's birthday (Friday Night) as well and it was PACKED full! Photos to follow as well!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Banegas Family by Fatima

There is a little girl down stairs... named FATIMA. She is completely sweet! She always comes upstairs to play with the kids and always gives me so much sugar!

Her parents actually let me take her places... And her older sisters take Mims out. (MIMI disclaimer: When Daddy is home, she doesn't like to leave the house but she did finally get the courage to go... ) They went to the Hello Kitty restrurant. (I may have to go see what that place is all about!)

Fatima LOVES my cupcakes! She is always asking for them and when she makes some, she brings them up! I wish I had more time because I would bake more!

Her and Mims fight like sisters... Fatima likes regular girl stuff while Mimi finds her brothers' toys far more amusing.

I walked into Mimi's room and saw this:
They call me "MAYA"... Though I am not too sure why... They have just recently started calling me "AMBER" She spelled it "MIY" LOL...
You see that she added herself to our family...
It made me laugh because she doesn't know Gustavo's name... So at first she had a question mark... then turned it into a heart!

She is so freaking cute, right?!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

I hate Kuwait when...

I try my best to be a good ROLE model... When I am out with the kids I try not to show my tail... HOWEVER, it is very difficult at times! Sometimes I want to step on those abayas... (Oppps, So Sorry!)

1. People cut me in line... (I know you see me! I am 5'9"... and PALE!!! You see me!)

2. People flash their lights at me! I have NO WHERE to go! There is a car beside me... Scotty, Please  Beam me up so I do not get RAN OFF the road!

3. Take a picture! I am NOT a freak of nature... STOP STARING! Rude!

4. I hate when people throw trash out of their windows as well... I hate how dirty Kuwait is... It is the worst when the wind is out... It doesn't matter how many guys in those ORANGE jumpsuits are cleaning the streets... It is still DIRTY!
Yes- This is life. Sometimes I get SO upset... But I cannot control others. I can just try to keep the kiddies doing the right things.

5. Where is your child's safety seat? I hate to see the kids jumping around in the car! These roads are DANGEROUS!

Another thing that I see all the time that puzzles me...
Why are the kids in the family dressed in the SAME exact outfits? There could be 4 different kids, all different ages... And they are ALL wearing the SAME outfit... Am I the only one who finds that STRANGE?

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Demonstration and Sit in

  Demonstration and Sit-in – Saturday, December 15, 2012
According to media reports, there will be a demonstration and sit-in at Determination (Irada) Square in Kuwait City from the evening of Saturday, December 15 which may last until the following morning of Sunday, December 16.
An increased police and security presence is expected. 
Spontaneous and/or planned demonstrations take place in Kuwait from time to time in response to world events or local developments.  At times, even demonstrations intended to be peaceful can turn confrontational and possibly escalate into violence.  Avoid areas of demonstrations and exercise caution if within the vicinity of any demonstrations.  Please stay current with media coverage of local and regional events. U.S. Mission personnel have been advised to continue to practice personal security awareness and we advise the U.S. citizen community to do the same.
***My Kuwaiti family downstairs told me it is best to stay in as the Police have been given the authority to use FULL force***
Sounds like a stay in Friday Movie Night is planned for me and my bears!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tweet Tweet

Following the friendly advice of Expatandthecity I have made a TWITTER ACCOUNT...
I am generally NOT pro Social Media... But exposure and entertainment is needed:)
So I am @JustUSQ8
What will the "Followers" be called???

"To the Think Tank!!!"

Tips to follow as I learn a lil bit!

So far...
No Locations.
No "Hey I am at Caribou Coffee in Fahaheel" tweets...
Do NOT open up any links from people you do not know
Eat Cheesecake for happiness

How do you find "Followers"???
First thing that I did was went to Expats profile...
I looked at who she was following and then picked some of her people.
Then I clicked on a couple of their people... ETC
I also picked the people that I liked!
More to follow...

I will set a goal to "Follow" 100 people every week. Obtainable? I think YES
Wil I be able to TWEET 100 times a week? Maybe...

Monday, December 10, 2012

To know... or not to know?

One delightful Blogger in Denmark has "Blogger get togethers"... I also Googled it and it looks so fun!!! I thought WOW!!! How fun would that be to do in Kuwait?!...

Then I started thinking... "Do I really want to know who is behind the blog?"
Most of the bloggers in Kuwait do not show themselves, they may not show themselves for a get together function either... :(

There are a few that I would really love to meet because I think that they are the COOLEST people on Earth!

What if all this time... I knew them!!!?

That already happened! Expierence: No BUENO

One day I was reading a blog that I liked when SOMETHING stood out to me! I shook my head in sadness as I realized... I knew who the writer was. In REAL LIFE... I didn't like her. At all. She was RUDE and Negative... She had a smart mouth... And most of ALL... she was LAZY! She wouldn't even get out of her chair to help me... She rolled her chair to the printer that was only 2 feet away! Blahhhhhhh. Office job, made easier!!!

The other run in I had with her was when I went on a company sponsored Visa Run and they had me staying at a HOOKER infested Hotel! I left... Flew back to Kuwait... (Visa wasn't at the AP yet) so I Booked a ticket the Bahrain... Spent the night at the Movenpick and then returned on my regularly scheduled day. When Mi Suave explained WHY... She said, "It wasn't supposed to be a vacation"... Derrr. But I refused to be propositioned on the way to my room by IDIOT contractors who thought that I may have been a prostitute! On top of that you could hear their "FUN" in my room... In the hallway, ETC!
*Amber, No Likey!!!*

Sunday, October 14, 2012


I went to look at my stats... And they are GONE... Why oh Why oh Why!!!???

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Blogs I found...

Today I went on a mission to find some Kuwait Blogs to read since... Honestly- I am running out of ideas on what to do, when and where to do it... I eat and shop almost EVERY weekend!

To Google I go...
--> I found this blog and the writer no longer writes... It is about a DOG named Amber-Mae... Now, That gives me all the more reason to get p*ssed off when people call me AMBER MAY! HA HA HA
--> When on this blog I ran across a video that my dearest "Amber W" had mentioned to me two days before... See Below
--> She is an American Make-Up artist who works as a contractor in Kuwait... She has informational videos posted on YOUTUBE. I am thinking her name is: lilpumpkinpie05
--> Interesting Read... I am a nerd... Go Green!
--> I enjoy the photos on this blog!
--> The words on this blog... They blend... It is smooth and soothing!
--> Though she hasn't blogged since April and I have NO IDEA how to read the alpha+number= words... Her blog was intriguing... It made you want to read more. I even fed the fish on her page...
--> Her blog posts were cute... I just scrolled away...

I am going to try to add them to my reading list... I wish they had the little "Follow" button... Maybe some do and I over-looked it... But I will try this way!  Woderful! I like her photos...I love her writing style!

When I was on Google... I also saw that "Desert Girl" has a list of the 'TOP 50 Blogs according to Google'... Let's take a look, Shall we???...
I see that she as Number 4... Which I can believe... She is always on the results when you say ANYTHING about Kuwait!!! Since this was posted in June 2011... She actually may be #1 by now... Expat and the City... I can no longer see your blog!!! You have been Blocked on post :( Sad, sad day... I did go on your blog last night from the house though! You are engaged!!! Congrats! ***I love that she takes the time to respond to her readers. I love her travel photos! I was surprised that I didn't see her on the TOP 50 list.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Gaby!!!

Gustavo's little sister asked for us to make her a cake for her birthday... So... WE did! (DJ, Mimi and I!)
She asked for CHOCOLATE so that is what she got! See photo below!
Yo Gabba Gabba Happy Birthday!
I must say... It is YUMMY! I wish she was here to enjoy it with us:)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The House that Lars Built

I have a select Blog list... Some blogs I run across because I push: "Next Blog" on the top left of my BLOGGER blog...
I love to read this blog:

This lady makes me feel my creative energy! I love, love, love to read her blog. She makes the simpliest things 'CHIC'

What do you think?