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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Waffle N Steak

This was the first time that we ate here... Waffle N Steak

I think that this type of deco is called "RUSTIC"
My daughter... She never takes a bad picture

Rookie of the Year! CLASSIC!

Me and my number 1 man!
Show me the MONEY!

Cute lil syrup holder!
Yee Hawwwww
Saying grace! If you start them early... They will feel like it is a MUST!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Early Bird, get a table!

We have tried to eat at Early Bird for the last 3 Fridays... I decided since I couldn't sleep, to wake up the kids and the nanny... Let's start the day! Because I love you:)
We FINALLY got a table at Early Bird. Yummy Yummy!!!
 This is us at 0500!  That means 5 AM!
They are giving me so much sugar!
 Banana Bread French Toast! LOVE IT!
 Mary Ann and her Waffle!
 My breakfast. It was an omlet.

 Domiyana had the Monte Cristo
Dj had the Breakfast Club Sandwich

I was doing Medical in Jabriya and met a lady at who worked at the Early Bird there... Strangest thing, she was from the same county as me in FLORIDA! She was a bit younger then me though... I have seen her 3 or 4 times after that, but I am not sure if she remembers me... So I have never talked to her to find out how she got here and whatnot... I will work on being more social:)
Here is the info for The Early Bird
They open at 5 AM!
The food was very good!

The Sultan Center was open also! It was great! I finished all of my chores with NO traffic! No crowds! Yes, It is true, the early bird gets the worm!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 22: Movie Night

So Friday I was COMPLETELY lazy... I did not feel like getting out of the bed and since Mimsi was sick, I had all the more reason to stay in my PJs all day!

I let the Nanny relax a bit on my off days. The kids are usally sleeping in. I take out the dog, make breakfast, clean up a bit and turn on the cartoons for the kiddies! Then I am completely tired because I worked the WHOLE night before. Shout Out to my famous Breakfast Burritos!!! Back on track... So Gustavo and DJ went to Fahaheel to finish up some little last minute things... I took care of my baby bear, Mimi, and gave her a shower. She was having body aches and all! Poor thing! Then we ordered some Chinese. I was SADDENED by how un-happy I was with the food. I will NOT be callin there AGAIN... (I will not disclose your name now... Because it is SUNDAY) Gustavo was craving Sabidee... But I didn't have the number, Go figure. As the night pushed on, I started to get very sad... So I baked and baked. So my family is happy to have Chocolate Cupcakes with Carmel frosting and Super Fudge Brownies... 

Then it was time to get in bed and watch our movie...

 Yes- It is Rihanna
And the Hottie from "Just Go with It" Brooklyn Decker

I think that is was a pretty good movie. Gustavo watched more then usual but only Dj made it to the end. I always wake up close to the end... I started Boo-Hoo crying for no real reason (Am I becoming a SAP?) and my sweet DJ noticed and rubbed my shoulder... I LOVE those moments! We are doing a great job raising two little humans!

 I know it seems like a very boring day to most... But it was just what we needed~

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day 6: Breakfast Today

O.J., Scrambled Eggs w/Cheese, Fried Potatoes and Bacon.
I work nights. It is hard to adjust to and it is difficult to see the family. When I say that I am hungry, Gustavo makes me some killer breakfast. I decided to return the favor:) I usually make breakfast every morning after my off night. The kids and Gustavo seem to love it. Plus- It gives the Nanny a break.