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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Burj Al Arab

Here is the office inside the room... It has a computer and a printer... ETC
We were upgraded to a TWO bedroom suite! OMG- This place was HUGE... I loved it!
When you step out, the butler knows where you went, they clean up ASAP... We had a BUTLER...!!!??? 
WE really loved this hotel~!
Downstairs bathroom
Bar and one of the sitting areas
Another sitting area

The view
Sitting area and Dining Room
Dining Room
Dining Room again
Kitchen.. And another exit
Kitchen... (Not that we used it)
Decor on the table. There were fresh flowers all around the room.

Sitting area

Control your room

This is another way to control your room... And when someone rings the doorbell... Their picture appears on all the TVs and this monitor! Cool huh? And you can just hit a button and the door opens... Why get up?
The Mini Bar... The Bulter during checkout asks what you took from the mini-bar... Gees, I hate being so honest!
Special Edition- We did not open it!
When you first walk in to the Suite.
Up the stairs

Cool... I like this clock projector:)
Vanity in the bedroom
Sitting area in the bedroom
TV in the bedroom...
Sitting area?

Master Bedroom... A TV pops up from behind here... The curtains are automatic too...
Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom
A mirror over the bed...

The view
Mirror OVER the bed
Hallway behind the bed
Master Closet
More closet space
Master Bath
Sitting area
Tub again
Great stuff!!!

They provide EVERYTHING here!!! And they turn down your bed, give the men a nail buffer and the women get a hand fan... I love it!
My handsome Hubby!
who wears slippers at a 7 STAR hotel??? Gustavo!
Going to get a couple of drinks at the Skyview Lounge
Dancing fountain... I did not take many pictures because there were SO many tourists in the lobby...
To get in, you have to have a reservation for the hotel or the restaurants. I didn't want to look silly taking photos of everything... We didn't even get to the POOL! LOL. We stayed in the room. Staying a place like this... you NEVER have to leave! They have a private beach, you get free access to the Water park and all the Jumeriah hotels in the area...

You order your breakfast and tell them what time to bring it... And they do!

Bye Bye hotel!!!

This was the remote control... It ran EVERYTHING in the room!