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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Birthday Ideas 2013

So- Gustavo keeps asking me what do I want for my birthday...
He BETTER read the BLOG!
 21 Rivoli
 109 Rouge Noir!!!
Lovely FALL lipstick for our CRISP nights!!!
Some boots... that look like this!!! (Similar is fine!!!)
I would like a LV Passport Cover and/or Make Up Bag...
Monogram print please!
I would like...
Some scarves...
A nice jacket...
Some skinny jeans, jeggings, leggings or a couple of sweaters... Maybe a couple sweater dresses...
Maybe I can find some Summer dresses for sale for NEXT year...
Some VS
And I liked the way that this smelled...
(I think this was it... I mean I get like 16 smelly sticks walking thru the mall! Gotta love Mimi!)

CH Eau de Parfum Sublime
I want...

And to have a nice day with my FAMILY!!!
To be with the ONES that I love!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Playful Pink Persuasion

 I went to The Avenues with Lateefah, Fatima and the kiddies...
First Stop- Sephora
The Chanel lady was busy so I helped myself to the colors that I wanted to test.

 The color I picked is in the MIDDLE

I ended up picking ROUGE ALLURE #94 Extatique
 I liked the way that it looked more then the others
 It is a pretty shade!

 It wasn't as loud as my previous lipstick picks...
But pretty all the same. 
I also bought some lip exfoilator and moisturizer.
Nothing worse then having crusty lips!
 I was really bothered at check out because the Chanel lady came over and said something to the manager in Arabic, he then in turn checked my bag for the lipstick.
I decided that I will NOT be shopping at Sephora again sadly... I may not know Arabic... But I know what it looks like to be accused of stealing!
Be thankful that my children were with me, had they not been... I would have showed my TAIL...

Friday, January 4, 2013

Raving Red

I decided to take the BIG leap and try RED lipstick... I did a lot of research on it... And decided that it would be something that I would like to try. Growing up my mother gave me a complex about red... And just recently have I even started to like the color. I painted my nails red and I loved it... So- Let's try the lips! WaaaaaaLaaaaaaaaa
 Here is me and my sweet Mary Ann!
 Inside Sephora... Doing a pic test!
 Now- feeling a bit better about the color
 This was the sales lady... I liked the one on the RIGHT most... But when I put it on... It was ORANGE?
 I went with this one... Rouge Allure #104 PASSION
 Cute tube as well
 Click the gold end and wham... Lipstick releases!

I didn't put it as dark on my hand. I think this is good lipstick because it is HARD to get the color off.
I loved it! You must be a confident person to wear RED lipstick! The attention you get is amazing... Feeling down? Put on some Red Lipstick and some heels! That will be an AUTOMATIC fix! Trust!

So far! Two shades of Lipstick that I am loving! I am sure that I will stick to CHANEL.
Now, I am looking forward to PINK! Bright, Vibrant PINK!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Loving Lipstick!

Simply Sad, but Stunningly true... I am 28 years old and I have purchased my VERY first LIPSTICK!
I have always used a brown lipliner with gloss before. Reason being- I really didn't like the way that my lips looked DRY with lipstick on... I took a chance when I was in Sephora with Shinita...
What do you think???
 Rouge COCO #29 Ballet Russe

I saw that the sales lady put it on her hand, so... I did too:)
Since the color was so BOLD... I knew not to play up my eyes much... Had I, I may have looked like a DRAG QUEEN!
When I first put it on I thought.... "O My- It wasn't this dark at the store! I look like a vampire!" But when I actually went out! I was popping necks, turning heads and received RAVE reviews! Even after dinner, my lipstick was still in place! It didn't smear off on my napkin or my glass! I was even mistaken for a model... Hmmm, Not so bad I'd say! I think for my next Lipstick purchase... I am going to try RED... I know that is a HUGE step, but I have always wanted to try it!