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Monday, January 14, 2013

Pretty Please Pink

The inner Nerd in me has been looking for a wonderful shade of PINK lipstick... I really do put a lot of thought into the products and colors that I buy. 
I have decided that I will stay with Chanel... Because I LOVE it and I DESERVE it too! Sometimes it is the little things that mean SO much.
So here are my TOP 3 finalists! Sephora- I will see you on Friday!

ROUGE COCO #17- Magnolia

 ROUGE COCO SHINE #57- Adventure

 ROUGE ALLURE #94- Extatique

More to follow! So excited!!!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Loving Lipstick!

Simply Sad, but Stunningly true... I am 28 years old and I have purchased my VERY first LIPSTICK!
I have always used a brown lipliner with gloss before. Reason being- I really didn't like the way that my lips looked DRY with lipstick on... I took a chance when I was in Sephora with Shinita...
What do you think???
 Rouge COCO #29 Ballet Russe

I saw that the sales lady put it on her hand, so... I did too:)
Since the color was so BOLD... I knew not to play up my eyes much... Had I, I may have looked like a DRAG QUEEN!
When I first put it on I thought.... "O My- It wasn't this dark at the store! I look like a vampire!" But when I actually went out! I was popping necks, turning heads and received RAVE reviews! Even after dinner, my lipstick was still in place! It didn't smear off on my napkin or my glass! I was even mistaken for a model... Hmmm, Not so bad I'd say! I think for my next Lipstick purchase... I am going to try RED... I know that is a HUGE step, but I have always wanted to try it!