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Thursday, October 3, 2013


Below you will see how we ended up with a CAT! Now, If you are a parent, you already know that kids NEVER forget when you make a promise or a deal with them.
Daddy made a deal with Domiyana... "If you start reading, you can get a KITTEN"

 STEP 1: Tell Daddy you have to tell him something... 
 STEP 2: "Don't say anything"
 STEP 3: Remind Daddy about the deal
 (NOTE: Dad's expression)
 STEP 4: She already knows she won! See their faces?

RESULT: Domiyana: 1 DAD: 0
 Meet Naruto!
DJ had a moment at the Friday Market. He started crying seeing how the animals were treated. It is a sad sight to see starving dogs. I told him that at least we saved ONE animal. I love that he has such a Golden Heart!
 Dj playing with the kitten!
 Welcome Home
 Isn't he cute?
 COMPLETELY Spoiled! The cat thinks he is a BIRD!

 Always sleeping!
Knocked out! 
This cat is SERIOUSLY spoiled! I really never thought too much about having a cat... But actually... It isn't too bad! They are easily potty trained! We have not had ANY accidents.
He wants to be held all the time and Mims treats it like a BABY! It is fitting in PERFECTLY.
THe cat got the name NARUTO because on the stripes on his face!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012 KUWAIT

Merry Christmas 2012

Another Chirstmas in Kuwait! We make the best of it! I will go home now and see the kids open their gifts! They are so excited! I told them we were going to open the gifts on the 26th so they will be shocked when I wake them up with their presents!

Wish you were here!

Here are my babies early in the morning! I couldn't wait to get home! They were so excited. I woke them up myself:)
Smile Smile Smile!!! Good Morning my Darlings!!!
Ready for presents!
PS3 controller!
WWE! Thank You Grandma!!!
Harley Quinn!

I love Justin Beiber!!! She was kissing the box!
The Pink Power Ranger!!!
For Ms. Mary Ann!

For Ms. Mary Ann
I cannot wait to play this!

Ear buds... Pink of course!!!

Make your own clothes! So clever. Mimi is very 'HANDS ON'

Skylander Giants!!!

Thank You Grandma!
Thank You Grandma!

Sign to make her name! She did this FIRST! LOL Thanks Grandma!

Finger nail polish! Thanks!
PS Vita!

She LOVED this! She wants to spy on her brother!

Paper for me! I am a note person... It is true!
A journal for me! Thank You Mama Maria!