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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hello Kitty

We went to the Hello Kitty store while in Bahrain and Mim's got an APRON....

My baby when she just woke up!:) She is such a cute helper!

What kind of Mama would I be if I didn't even ATTEMPT to make the Hello Kitty Cake???...  I FAILED!

My Hello Kitty looked like it had a stroke on the LEFT side... I think I cleaned it up okay though. DJ and Mimsi were happy so I guess that is all that mattered in the end!


Friday, June 1, 2012

Another Day of Fun

Since I am only off one day a week, we try to make sure that we have fun. Usually we have Pizza and Movie night every Friday night. We have been skipping the Pizza because while we are out we eat... But the Movie always stays.
 We went to Chili's. The kids and I had the Chicken Club Tacos. They were VERY good.  Gustavo had the Monterey Chicken which was basically the same thing... Minus the tortilla. I should have taken a picture but since the Tacos were destroyed within seconds... I didn't get a photo:) It cost 23 KD to eat... At Chili's I guess I didn't realize how expensive things are over here!

 Then we were off the go Ice Skating. It took us a long time to get there... First- Flat tire... Thank You Gustavo for knowing how to change a tire! Then we got lost. Gustavo and I got lost a lot but we always find our place in the end:)
Ice Skating sessions are 1 1/2 hours with a 30 minute break between sessions. So we had Ice Cream first at the conjoined McDonald's and then off to the ice. 2030-2200 Session.
Getting the right skates was a bit of a rough start. Note: They run SMALL.
We went to the small rink. It was only my second time on ice and the kids first time so- The less witnesses- the better! Dj did pretty good. He will need a bit more practice but for the most part- He did well. Mimi on the other hand... I think she hit the ice more then ANYONE that was there. We finally got her off the "please help cart" and she stood on her own. She moved around a bit. I think that with a bit more practice- She will be skating in NO TIME! She actually enjoyed it and wants to go back. It is always good to try and expose the children to new things. It was only 1 KD 500 fils to go. That is about 5.00 USD. Not too bad.
Now the shocker- I learn something new about Gustavo EVERYDAY and last night I learned that he can ice skate! WOW. He always suprises me. Watching him with the kids on the ice made me want to grab him for a kiss but- No Kissing in Kuwait!!!
I snuck a couple of photos. Here they are. Then a little kid told me No Photos... Pissed me off because EVERYONE else had camera. But as a role model- You have to listen to the rules!


When we were leaving a little boy asked Gustavo if he was in the WWE. HAHAHAHA!

Then Home Sweet Home... We watched "Cars 2" I am not sure when we all fell asleep, but we all did. I woke up around 3 AM and with the help of Gustavo got the kids to their beds.
I must say- It was a pretty good day off!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 20: H20 (Water)

This is a fountain on our dresser.

I love the water.

Hearing it through the night is very soothing to me.

Day 18: Eyes

These are my eyes. Gustavo was playing around with the MACBOOK (iPhoto) and made them look so pretty:) This was me at Halloween and two Kuwaiti girls from downstairs did my eyes up! I feel so blessed to live where we do. The Kuwaiti family has embraced us and I really like them.
When I was pregnant I prayed that my children would have green eyes... When they were born they looked green... But now they are telling me, "Mommy- My eyes are Hazel!" I have learned not to argue back because they are right... They have beautiful eyes though... I will post them. I wish mine were as big as theirs are!

Dj has a paint spot (as his Aunt Stephanne dubbed it) in one eye which I think is so darn CUTE! I love the shape of his eyes.

Mimsi- Who can say, "NO" to this face? I can- I am immune! LOL. She has some brown in the middle of her eyes. I love their eyes!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Just a couple of shots

I was sitting on my couch as the kids were cleaning up the table and I looked around and thought, "WOW, I love our home!"
There are so many little things that give our home charm.
I started pointing, shooting and playing with settings to enhance my photos.
Gustavo was quite proud that I learned how to blur the background:)
I am not sure if anyone notices- But I always try to pick up things that represent our family. Daddy, Mommy and two babies.
I must say that the camera that Gustavo picked was a good one. There are a lot of settings but each one of them has a description. It makes the camera kinda dummy proof but doesn't make taking photos any easier.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 14: Someone I Love

This is my Family. They are the people that I love. Having a son, a daughter and a wonderful man make going home everyday a treat.

I know that DJ is going to be taller than Gustavo very soon! LOL.
They are such a cute bunch! And they let me practice using my new camera with them!

They Love him... TOO MUCH!
Can you see it?
Xena felt like she was missing out!
Look... They are watching Xena... I think that she is -SPOILED-!!! LMAO. This camera is fast!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Since I am working on Mother's Day... Like most Holidays... We get to celebrate early:)
Yesterday we went Jet-Skiing. It was a lot of fun. I knocked out early and woke up SUPER early. I decided to bake a cake. My cousin sent me a picture of an Oreo filled Cake... (No directions though; oddly enough) It looked good. So I tried it! I found the recipe at: 
Below are the results:)

Can you say, "YUMMMMMMMY"?
It tastes so much better then it looks! Next time- I will frost the whole cake with this Greatness. Gustavo has a new favorite:)
This card came from Domiyana. It is so sweet.

I know she got some help from her Daddy and DJ

My "Sweety"
This is from My DJ

He put a lot of effort in this. It has all of us going to an Ice Cream shop and Kiki and Karina saying, "Hi" from across the street:)
My son thinks I am a Star!!! Mission Complete!
When I woke up this Afternoon... DJ and Domiyana carried these beautiful flowers to me:) Thanks Gustavo
This is my Mother's day gift. Canon EOS 600D.
It is VERY hard to work. Gustavo is giving me homework. Slowly but surely I will figure this out!
This is photo I took with my new camera.

Thank You Dj, Mimi and Gustavo for a wonderful Mother's Day!
Jet-Skiing, Carinos, Gifts and Cake! Gotta Love it!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 10: Animal(s)

These two are Thunder and Dora... Dubbed by the children:) They are always singing and making noise. I have tamed them up pretty good but I must admit that I hardly play with them as much as I used to.

 Aren't they so cute? They look like lil love birds.
 This was Xena when I was leaving to work. Doesn't she look like a Champion?
We also have fish. A house full of animals... We love it though!