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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Early Bird, get a table!

We have tried to eat at Early Bird for the last 3 Fridays... I decided since I couldn't sleep, to wake up the kids and the nanny... Let's start the day! Because I love you:)
We FINALLY got a table at Early Bird. Yummy Yummy!!!
 This is us at 0500!  That means 5 AM!
They are giving me so much sugar!
 Banana Bread French Toast! LOVE IT!
 Mary Ann and her Waffle!
 My breakfast. It was an omlet.

 Domiyana had the Monte Cristo
Dj had the Breakfast Club Sandwich

I was doing Medical in Jabriya and met a lady at who worked at the Early Bird there... Strangest thing, she was from the same county as me in FLORIDA! She was a bit younger then me though... I have seen her 3 or 4 times after that, but I am not sure if she remembers me... So I have never talked to her to find out how she got here and whatnot... I will work on being more social:)
Here is the info for The Early Bird
They open at 5 AM!
The food was very good!

The Sultan Center was open also! It was great! I finished all of my chores with NO traffic! No crowds! Yes, It is true, the early bird gets the worm!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Caribou Coffee

Me and the Fam were driving to Fahaheel and I thought, "I would love some StarBucks"
So we pulled into the one on Coastal with the HUGE Marroon Building and there Was ZERO parking! So I decided we could just get one from the StarBucks beside the Mall... Well- While we were walking thru I saw "Caribou Coffee" Hmmm, Something new... Different... DETOUR!
I completely LOVED it! I think that I liked it MORE then StarBucks!!!
To be completely fair though... I have a confession...-I do not drink COFFEE!... Ever-. I NEVER have gotten into it... (Gustavo loves it though so I do know how to make it)

 Here is Dj waiting PATIENTLY:)
 The cup was cool to read because there were all these reasons listed... with little pictures! Cute!!!
 DJ and the Nanny (Mary Ann) She realized that they are in FACTLY the same size! I think she weighs less though!
Mims looking JUST LIKE my MOTHER!!!
I am working on taking more pictures! If you look on the table there is a napkin... You get to write on it! LOL. I didn't have a pen though!

I consider myself a NERD so seeing all the little creative things that were in this place REALLy made me love it! I had the Oreo drink and it was Yummmmmmy! The kids were drinking most of mine! I swear- I should just get them what I get because they ALWAYS want what I am drinking! But in their defense... At least they are skimming off Mommy's calorie intake!


 Dj got his hair cut... A Mo-Faux- Hawk and a he got it spreayed GOLD! He thought that he was TOO cool!
 Caribou Coffee Chocolate... Yummmm!
 She was so happy to get to put this on! She is generally shy to ask for things, but she asked the shop owner to let her wear it! And he said yes!!!
Isn't that a LOT of gold!? The guy was so nice! He painted her fingernails and also gave her some gemstones! It is all about the kids! Since he treated them so well... He is now my "Gold Go To Guy!" The card I got was in Arabic but... I could read the number... 2391-7060. Blue Nile Jewellery (That was how they spelled it) Co. ......Behnam was floating in the middle of the card- So maybe that was his name!
I think that I will get Dj and Mims a necklace made there.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Friday Fun...

 Here are the kids and the Nanny! The Nanny is in YELLOW! LOL. We went to Fahaheel but nothing was open... You must wait until 8-8:30 PM.

 I stopped by to check on Kiki the other day... I have a secret way to make her smile for the camera!!! See- It works!
 She was loving this toy. Shira from Ice Age 4. We went to McDonalds... She just kept talking about this "kitty"
 She is looking at me like that because she loves me:)
This was Kiki reading to Minnie! 

And this is us snuggled in and ready for our movie night...
It took us 3 tries to find a movie that actually worked.
Star Wars: Clone Wars....
I love having Kiki over because when the big kids are off and doing their own thing... I have her:) I think that I will steal her every Friday from now on!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Friday: The 13th?

I didn't realize that it was Friday the 13th until after the fact... Hmmmm, That only shows how the days blend in together here. At times I hate being off on Friday because NOTHING is open in the morning! I woke up early and full of energy... with NO Where to go.

So- What did I do?. i woke up the kids... Made breakfast... We all got dressed and we ventured out anyways.

We went to Fahaheel and I see that the Al Manshar Mall is being TORN apart! Now where will I be able to get that Chocolate conditioner I love so much??? I can honestly say that there was not much in that mall... But it did have one of the kids' favorite places to go and play!

We ran some errands at the Bazaar... Got some more movies... exchanged the bad ones... Drank a lot of water and than... Back to the coolness of our home.
We were melting!!!
 We watched Ice Age 4. Which may I add: What Super Cute with a BIG C!!!!

Shira was voiced by Jennifer Lopez (Which you can tell without looking it up)

and the every SO grown Peaches was played by Keke Palmer! Great choice.

 Drake played Ethan... That is my crush too:) (Just Kidding)  Or am I?

Nicki Minaj also voiced a small role in the movie as a Mammoth...

And Wanda Sykes, I love her voice for cartoons, played Grandma Sloth!

We all enjoyed the movie.

I went to go meet Gustavo online... Same time EVERYDAY... And see that DJ has made his Yahoo IM in Chinese...Hmmm. How does he do this stuff? I fixed it... When I came back out... This is what I found.


Pizza cured that...

The kids put in Journey 2 but I fell asleep before I could even see The Rock's face... I was super tired!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 22: Movie Night

So Friday I was COMPLETELY lazy... I did not feel like getting out of the bed and since Mimsi was sick, I had all the more reason to stay in my PJs all day!

I let the Nanny relax a bit on my off days. The kids are usally sleeping in. I take out the dog, make breakfast, clean up a bit and turn on the cartoons for the kiddies! Then I am completely tired because I worked the WHOLE night before. Shout Out to my famous Breakfast Burritos!!! Back on track... So Gustavo and DJ went to Fahaheel to finish up some little last minute things... I took care of my baby bear, Mimi, and gave her a shower. She was having body aches and all! Poor thing! Then we ordered some Chinese. I was SADDENED by how un-happy I was with the food. I will NOT be callin there AGAIN... (I will not disclose your name now... Because it is SUNDAY) Gustavo was craving Sabidee... But I didn't have the number, Go figure. As the night pushed on, I started to get very sad... So I baked and baked. So my family is happy to have Chocolate Cupcakes with Carmel frosting and Super Fudge Brownies... 

Then it was time to get in bed and watch our movie...

 Yes- It is Rihanna
And the Hottie from "Just Go with It" Brooklyn Decker

I think that is was a pretty good movie. Gustavo watched more then usual but only Dj made it to the end. I always wake up close to the end... I started Boo-Hoo crying for no real reason (Am I becoming a SAP?) and my sweet DJ noticed and rubbed my shoulder... I LOVE those moments! We are doing a great job raising two little humans!

 I know it seems like a very boring day to most... But it was just what we needed~